Unruly protesters spoil DAP’s Raya open house


A Penang DAP Raya open house celebration in George Town was disrupted by unruly protesters believed to be petty traders, many of them from out of town, who had been subject to MPPP enforcement action for unlicensed trading.

The Penang state assembly member for Komtar, Ng Wei Aik, had his government car scratched and the hood dented after a couple of protesters jumped on the bonnet. Malaysiakini reported him as claiming that it took police 40 minutes to arrive even though the Pattani Road Police Station was nearby. Ng also claimed that Perkasa was among those backing the protest.

The state Umno Youth chief has denied his party was involved in the protest.

A separate source told me one of the protesters was also seen during the disruption of the Himpunan Hijau rally in Penang earlier this year.

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Check up this Facebook site for those nilai-nilai samseng perkasa/umno.



Umno’s Samseng Style can rival Korea’s Gangnam Style?


Is this the kind of nilai-nilai murni that BN is promoting?

Remember the buttock dance on Ambiga was allowed while that JB girl who voluntarily surrendered to the police was handcuffed and brought to KL. I do not remember alleged criminal (CBT) like Toyol or Ling Liong Sik were handcuffed even when they were brought to court to be charged.


They are all the same from Pukeesa
We have already seen too much of this violence. hooliganism and thuggery.
Commenting too much also useless as Ah Cheap and M are now flaming these type of action to instill fear just like the pronstar adulterer using hudud.

Talking too much useless. Lets us take action



typical of hooliganism from you know who.


The real issue with these groups are that they think what they do is worth it for themselves. They are endangered species on their way to extinction and yet has done nothing to avoid it in fact making it worst for themselves.

Ahmad Sobri

Well done DAP/Pakatan Rakyat! Well done for being firm! Unlicensed means unlicensed. If everyone can set up their hawker stalls anywhere they want, then Penang will be in a big big mess. We cannot allow Penang to descend into one messy place filled with unlicensed hawkers. As we all know, the case of illegal immigrants being given citizenship documents, and these new citizens must be thoroughly vetted by the relevant authorities for health concerns. Many illnesses which once were inexistent are now back with vengeance like TB. Well done Pakatan Rakyat for being concern about these illegal hawkers. Certainly, there… Read more »

Abu Saim Bin Abu Manaf

Ya betul, semua orang jahat melainkan parti pakatan rakyat. Mari kita sokong pakatan rakyat dan tangkap semua penjaja kecil yang tiada lesen. Jom ubah.