Subang Jaya ‘unsafe for women’: Poll


An online poll on the website of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council suggests that a majority feel the area is unsafe for women.


Thanks to blog visitor Charlie for sending in this screenshot.

But is Subang Jaya the only municipality that is unsafe for women? Or is it the only council that dares to survey the public to find out what they think of their security in the area?

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Irrespective of whatever outcome from Official Statistics or Polls on crimes in Malaysia, we should always be vigilance at all time against any eventuality, be it snatch thief, car-jacking, robbery, etc..It is better to be safe than sorry.

don anamalai

All ladies in Malaysia should be equipped with a pepper spray.

Reference here:

What about PS1M?
(Pepper Spray 1Malaysia)


Malaysia, especially Subang Jaya is the SAFEST Place in the World for all humans, in particular females. The survey must have been “fixed” and data “doctored”


Well Malaysia was certainly unsafe for Altantuya.

And if we look at Sirul’s 2006 statement, it could have been unsafe for her two companions as well, since he sated that he was ordered to kill all three of them in their Hotel Malaya room.

( Source: Sirul Azhar Statement )

But then, Sirul, and his superior officer Azialh, have been freed by the courts recently, and no one has been found gulity of her murder.

Very unsafe for the poor girl indeed.

Never mind. The PM just vowed a “Relentless Drive Against Organised Crime”.


Just a question and hope very much you will reply.
Why do you remove the comments ratings?

rajraman.Sometimes i need to study from the ratings how the Political cult movement rates comments although sometimes some commenters talk facts.Since i paying the last 10 years to someone to study me i also become an expert of human behavior.


Thanks for the reply.

najib manaukau

Almost the entire Malaysia is unsafe for females …


Almost the whole of Malaysia is unsafe for all its citizen.


Don’t say like that, Hannah Yeoh will get angry.Helen Ang sure Happy.
rajraman.The whole country not safe actually.