Scuffle during demolition of illegal structures raises concern


The Penang government is reportedly concerned about public order and safety after a senior civil servant was assaulted in the presence of police during the demolition of illegal structures in Teluk Bahang a couple of days ago (See Malaysian Insider).

This is an unverified video, uploaded on the same day, which I presume shows clips of the incident.

I hope levelheadedness and good sense prevails all around.

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Are you suggesting that the poor need not have business licence to operate the stalls? If so, then they should be exempted from paying GST?


You need lesen to operate a business. If not, why should there be business license in the first place?


Strange, when the Dep Education Minister was attacked at a DZ function, there was hardly a hue and cry over “public safety”. Just because the protesters were anti-DAP/State govt, much focus is being given to these bunch of thugs.

Why don’t you cover the rowdy behaviour of the Lynas lynch mob who gate-crashed the Australian embassy function and made dangerous threats?


I concur on the attempts to elevate racial/religious tensions and these folks are guilty as charged for they are menance to the society. But then we need to be balanced in our views too when it comes to violence and usage of race/religion. The incident at Kg Hakka was also turned into an ethnic one by DAP and the enforcement officials were attacked too. I don’t see any difference between these two incidents, just the thugs were supported by different political parties. The elevation of racial tension is not just limited to these stupid demos by NGOs but also incendiary… Read more »


Look at these two reports: MCA condemns Umno Youth for attack on enforcement officers AGAIN Perkasa, Pekida, Umno-linked groups spotted: Ops on traders turn VIOLENT The finger was being pointed at UMNO Youth, and “Umno-linked” groups. Certainly Reezal Merican, UMNO MP for Kepala Batas was highly vocal at (a recent) protest. The protest was a blatantly political affair, with all sorts of inflammatory statements and accusations hurled with the flimsiest of grounds or none at all. Quite conveniently, the fact that Najib’s administration’s gross mismanagement and wastage of public funds, on top of the ever more rampant corruption… Read more »


Who is provoking who we don`t know but one thing we know for sure is that LGE DAP has been tearing up structure depriving the poor to earn a living