Samsengs assault ‘Occupy Dataran’ students


A group of about 30-60 thugs assaulted some of the 20-50 students who were camping out at Dataran Merdeka and tore down their tents at 2.36am today.

The students, however, are determined to continue their sit-in.

While Najib projects a sweet ‘liberal’ image by amending certain repressive laws, the reality on the ground is something else.

Who are these thugs and why are they so confident they can act with impunity? It almost seems like they have no fear of the uniformed police. Why?

The police claim they arrived in five or six minutes and one person was arrested. Five or six minutes? And only one arrested?

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Watch carefully, it’s really bad acting.
Why would umno sent in thugs? It’s too obvious umno will get blamed. Who else ….


Could it be coincidental that the formation of ‘Rempit United’ was officially announced on the newspaper the day before?

Zainal ibrahim

… orang gila


These hoodlums are (probably) Tiga Line gangsters. They are (allegedly) umno sanctioned and woe be anyone who crosses the path. Even the cops have no control over them.

Pala Richie

You used to hide behind oppressive law, if fail. Then, you start to create fictional stories, lies, create fear and tension, that fail too. After, you start threatening, intimidating, now you start to assault, what next? .. this is reforming. The police report on the similar case, happened in Penang Hijau protest not too long ago? What happened to them? any action? When police acted like this, their behavior are more damaging than the mobs ‘ behavior. Absolute power corrupt absolutely …mr IGP and mr AG, they are giving you more power!, there is absolutely no need for ISA… you… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Another shame, another pain! This disgraceful conduct of samsengs in our society is unacceptable by any standards! Lately, it had got worse, and the impotence of the police is unacceptable! From the disruptions of ceramahs, the damaged done to the properties of political adversaries, the use of threats of intimidations, the use of race and religion. If you are a genuine Malaysian, concern for the love of your country, stand up and be counted! The students, some so skinny compared to the overly fed and obesed samsengs, are not afraid, are you? It is good to see the students braving… Read more »


These thugs might be from the jobless who found ‘dirty’ jobs from the masters of intimidation out of desperation. … these are trained how to … harass … in filthy back lanes.
The PDRM, they should either buck-up or joint the ranks of the jobless!
Remember, we Rakyat pay taxes to get you employed to do a good job. Nothing less like stand by & watch.


We have reached a stage where the ruling parties now condone thuggery and violence.Recently events such as the anti lynas protest and PKR ceramah are testimony of this. We have enough of corruption and untransparency. Can we afford such thuggery and violence by the very people and parties that govern the country. Our country will soon go the way of Zimbabwe and Myanmar if we the rakyat do not put a stop to this. Have the leaders of the govt made any condemnation at all. No they are so quiet which means only one thing, they condone such activities. We… Read more »


The thugs that actually caused the disturbance in Dataran were not arrested but students protesting peacefully are police priority. We have to put this on record so that when PR form the next government the police officer responsible for this action must be taken to task and punish. There are apparent two sets of law now.

Gerakan K

No, I disagree with this article title. I think the best title is “Samseng masyarakat perlu di ajar”.


samseng umno perlu diajar.


Gerakan K,

You should ajar your samseng from BN.

Andrew I

Just like I don’t agree with the name of the new venture of your AI, Tibia. It should be…and a big one at that.


GK, you mean it is all right to harass … at peaceful kids in the wee hours of the morning? AOK to kick one of them in the face LITERALLY?
You must have inherited … cowardice.


Samseng internet, kurang ajar !


Where were those law enforcers PDRM when needed most?
Did they turn the other way when commotion started in quiet wee hours of the morning?

They are never slow when comes to arresting law-abiding patriots.
I am sure their SB boys were around when those thugs/samseng approached and roughened up our kids!


… Where is the supposed law & order now beyond the jungle?

Andrew I

Best democracy. All things French seem to be making their way here. French subs, investigations and history. Who remembers the French student uprising in 1968?


I really cant believe it, one of the students was very badly beaten in his eye…

Please remember guys, comes 28th April 2012 at 2pm, let us all show support for BERSIH 3.0 at Esplanade ya otherwise we are hypocrites la.


I wonder where is Gerakan K?

Andrew I