Police swoop in on Bersih office


1350: Police still at the Bersih office and they want to question the seven staff in the office.

1230pm: Police are raiding the Bersih secretariat in Petaling Jaya now.

About 15 police officers, including camera crew, are at the scene as at 12.20pm. They are taking photos of ICs and confiscating leaflets, T-shirts, banners, and a video camera.

A lawyer and a board member of Empower, which is the secretariat for Bersih, are at the scene.

This morning, 14 people wearing Bersih T-shirts and leafleting in Sungai Siput were detained. Among them were two Perak State Assembly members, Leong Mee Meng of and Chang Li Kang of PKR.

At 2.30pm, it is the turn of Irene Fernandez, Maria Chin and Hisham Rais to be questioned at Dang Wangi.

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it is easy to talk abt ISA, corruption, abuse of power by police. that is a no brainer. it is kind of hard after all to defend such practices.
funnily, i m seeing everybody shying away from the debate of 30% quota for women. if we want to get rid of Dasar Ekon Baru + move towards meritocracy, we need to get rid of any form of positive discrimination whether it be race or gender

Gerakan K

ISA saja lah. Jangan bagi peluang untuk buat kacau-kacau !!!


Our Police is always “efficient” on certain things, especially if it concerns with their “KPI”

charlie chan

wow as a senior citizen i read with laughter the events happening now in malaysia. activists are dangerous, wearing bersih tee shirts is illegal n so on, i wonder what about the millions of illegals roaming in kl . are these illegals not dangerous to the nation security n how can millions land on our shores so easily, just walk in lah


Aiyah! Why like that?

There must be some Polis disagreeable with this!

But they cannot mogok. Maybe thet might walk with Bersih to clean up their acts!

Must take out my yellow biking shirt out, too, lah! :))


Thanks to the police action, the seed of a new political tsunami is now germinating. BN will surely suffer the backlash.


BN kena main sporting lah!

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, It is truly panic-stations in PUTRAJAYA! The rhetoric by UMNO leaders in overseas fora and locally that conditions in Malaysia and those in the middle east and African states are different are MERE rhetoric without substance! Ain’t Malaysians also feeling the same sting and misery of steep rise in living costs, the UTTER DISGUST of continuing corruption and cronyism, the open abuse of power and intentional mismanagement and fiduciary duty of BN and UMNO leaders and civil servants? All these to benefit UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies at the expense of taxpayers and Malaysians in general! And now,… Read more »

Shankar Selina Huntsville

Getting tired of : “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

Shankar Selina Huntsville

Send some over to US malaysians. We will parade in from of the Embassy. We will be provided police protection.


The panic in Putrajaya has started.

Kadir Yassin

Use your common sense.

Those corrupted politicians will be charge of corruption if lose caused of clean, free corruption, transparent election.

Those corruption politicians would use threat, twist the laws, forces to stop it

Now, it is up to you Malaysians

Want to break free for corruption-free country…


Still want to govern by corruption politicians ‘KOTOR’

Make your choice.