‘A complete betrayal of trust’: Nurul Izzah speaks after her release


And this was the vigil, complete with a band singing and playing some music, outside the Jinjang Police Station on the night of her arrest:

As you can see, many Malaysians are not taking such repressive action lying down. They are standing up and making their voices heard.

And this is Nurul’s lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah speaking:

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One night in Jinjang police station courtesy of PDRM has further enhanced the iconic status of Nurul in the eyes of young malays.


IGP wanna know those yang sponsor #kitalawan event.


A “Princess” wronged always is good sales material.. THIS was a mistake by UMNO/BN part. What it really reveal is that Najib has no real control over the iron fists in his party he uses. They are reckless and take it too far and if Najib gets it wrong on what matters to them i.e., to stay in power, they will turn on him just as bad or worst.

The problem is PAS is cooperating with Najib’s stupidity..Its really PAS that is equally to blame for what is happening..