Another death in custody


N Dharmendran, 32, was arrested on 19 May after a fight – and that was the last the family saw him alive.

What is the Home Minister’s response?

And when can we have the IPCMC, which was a key recommendation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry? Janji ditepati? Nambikei?

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kaki pulau

Why is this death in police custody treated like a circus by a number of people. Blaming the victim, blaming the parents, blaming everyone else except those who kept him in custody. He was fine when he went there, in fact, voluntarily gave himself up, but ended up bruised with his ears stapled and dead when his family took him back into their custody. Why don’t you ask, who tortured and killed him in such a savage way? Do you think that any suspect should be treated like this? If you were a suspect would you like to end up… Read more »

Paul Loh

PM Najib & HAM Zahid …! Law of the Jungle!

Steve Moraies

Home Minister busy directing cops to arrest Pakatan demonstrators who have rallies without permits. Another name to the list of victims of police brutality.


Using staples to cause pains & injuries on Darmendran is more like the works of sadists.
And injuries to the buttocks sound familiar tactics used on Teoh Beng Hock.
What has our dear PM to say about these suspected crimes of sadism (according to postmortem of victim) in the public institutions of law & order(?).


If something happened to the Chinese or any other race, I’d congratulate them too, for being so faithful to the status quo. They never learn, and now it’s no use crying over spilt milk.


Angry, I know you are upset, but I think its wrong to blame Indians for the election results. Its like somebody saying GE13 had a Chinese Tsunami. I think this about how informed the voters were.

Gerakan K

Red bean kakis, slow down a bit. If you must SPIN, then also spin logically. Did you know the CAUSES ??? The guy arrested because of fighting. Read again, FIGHTING. Fighting causes hurt, blind, internal bleeding, fracture bone, even death !!! So, hold you gun and do not create GE13 blackout story version 2. Rakyat “sudah letih” dan “boring” about such cheap propaganda. Another similar incident is TBH. Until today, no concrete conclusion about TBH case. By the way, IPCMC is ex-PM Abdullah thingy. Where is related to PM Najib ??? Opss, anil mudah lupa ??? Some says drink Brand’s… Read more »


… indians are dying in custody and you pm najib is prime minister for all malaysians … indians are marginilised since … mahatir


Sorry for being sarcastic but ….
My heartiest congrats to all those who voted for status quo, esp. to the Indians. Well, while I am sorry and sad for the beeraved family, you should know better.
Now you are complaining when you know if we don’t vote them out, this is what you will get.
Once again, congrats!!

Penang Ah Pek

What a hopeless nation. The moment u walk in the police station, u are (at risk). If u are in lock up…


Even gangsters must be processed according to the law. The police cannot dispense justice on their own. What happens if the police mistakenly identify you as a gangster or crime you did not commit.

Oyo Co Mo Wa


What are you trying to convey….these deaths are happening at regular frequency…don’t blame gangsterism…..Sugumar was no gangster..even Darmindran is no gangster…just having had a scuffle with another person doesn’t qualify to be labeled gangster. What can parents do if the police ask you to come to the station and detain you (and then he dies) in suspicious circumstances ?

Wathya…we want to hear from you. Don’t say your appointment was solely for solving stateless peoples problem


Wathaya, where are you?. A Duduk Datuk is on the way with his leak with Najib. Sure pure
silence poor Indian being fooled again and again by none other then those greedy Hindraf.


This will go on as long as Indian youngsters gets involve in gangsterism and drunken fight. Blaming PDRM is of no use. You have seen it umpteen times and the death in police custody keeps increasing year after year. Please educate your sons not to get involve in undesirable activities and that is the only way to avoid such. I feel sorry for this person and family but do the parents know what their son had been doing behind their back. Anyway after the protest and complain let us see what PDRM says about this death. Of course anything could… Read more »


so mic watching and laughing saying that many indians were moved to bn / hindraf you need 5 yrs more to discuss ? hahahaha / nobody can help the indians…

suzy ratnasingam

MIC ? IPF ? HRP ? All those wanna be indian heros ? Uthaya ? Wathaya ?[woopps he needs 5 years now}
Hellooo anyone around ? VEl PARI ? Saktivel? Sany Velu ?


May You rest in Peace dear Darmindran, pity your very youthful life being snuffed out! Another DiC and you can bet upon it that its another `under suspicious circumstances’ category! Tomorrow the statement on the Post=mortem will just be like the late Kugan and the yet to be buried Sugumaran,,, Over to you, … Waytha Ponnusamy! Here;s a job for you laa… See if your lawyering skill can be of any good for a fellow Indian Family and the Deceased! Big NATO, only! Can someone list out the DiC cases thus far, if not these cases will be shoved under… Read more »


Not a good sign/omen for the new home minister Zahid.

Anyway, he should be warned that there shall be hundreds of thousands of ADAM ADLIs if the authority … intends to torture him in prison to submit his will to the corrupted regime.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Adam Adli.