The problem with perception …


This is what happens when public perception gets too close for comfort.

Don’t worry, everything is under control. Rising crime is just your perception. Move on, nothing to see here.

The talk is that this is KJ’s home.

This is a Bernama report in The Star:

Minister’s home robbed

KUALA LUMPUR: The home of a minister in Jalan Setiabistari, Bukit Damansara here was broken into by three men Saturday afternoon.

City CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said in the 5.30pm incident, the trio, who were driving a Proton Waja car, scaled the perimeter wall before barging into the house through the unlocked front door.

He said the suspects ran off with several laptops and watches.

“The minister and his wife were not at home and only their maid was around.

“The maid was too terrified to do anything. She said they also ransacked the master bedroom,” he said in a statement here Sunday.

He added that total losses were still being investigated. – Bernama

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It is no longer a perception that China cop is better than PDRM cop as proven in this Penang snatch theft incident as reported on The Star:


kitty is too innocent a kat!

There is a higher likelihood the robbers are (allegedly) in cahoots with (certain quarters) out to obtain private information from KJ’s PC that could prove to be useful to fight him in the coming Umno election?


Many people are asking why the burglars made off with Khairy’s computers and mobile phones and not other valuables stuff in the house.

The conspiracy theory is that it is (allegedly) an certain umnoputera’s insider job, out to ‘retrieve’ information from Khairy’s PC/phones in preparation for the coming Umno assembly and election.

Do not be surprise later if some hot photos from the stolen PC started to appear on the cyberspace!

semuanya OK kot

Perhaps they will assign even more police as personal bodyguards of VIPs. Just like the public money will be used to pay to compensate for Kugan’s death. Whatever happens, the public loses.


Keadilan untuk Chee Gaik Yap! Kami menggesa semua Rakyat Malaysia untuk menyahut seruan kami dalam kempen “Laporan Polis Seluruh Negara, Keadilan Untuk Chee Gaik Yap.” Kami menuntut pihak polis untuk menyiasat semula tuduhan rogol terhadap suspek. Anda boleh membuat laporan polis di mana-mana balai polis di Malaysia pada bila-bila masa tanpa sebarang tarikh akhir.


In Bolehland, crime is just a perception.
That is why we have virtual police?


The other day, we caught someone trying to break into a neighbour’s house but they got away. As they were running away, I shouted to them, “Mahu curi pergi rumah Menterilah, dia orang baru ada wang mah”..The whole neighbourhood was shouting in agreement with me…


Khairy is one of the BN/UMNO mouthpieces who spins that the problem of Urban crime and violence is just “a matter of perception”. Now his home gets robbed in broad daylight.
Sounds like divine comedy…or maybe the robbers are in cahoots with Pakatan ? :))

Anak Kuching

It will be interesting to see if DSAI will soon be blamed for the break in. LOL

Andrew I

Hey, you took the words right out of nasi lemak GK’s mouth.


Malaysia Chronicle had a very brief report on the robbery which identified the victim. See:

GUESS WHAT? Khairy Jamaluddin’s house broken into! CRIME DOWN?
Sunday, 30 June 2013 14:09

Some bits and pieces do not match the Bernama report thtough. For example, the Malaysia Chronicle report stated that the crime took place at 10pm.

And a minor matter – it was labelled as a “break-in”, but if the details in the Bernama account are accurate, then there was no actual “breaking in”; the front door was unlocked.


Bingo and I hope all ministers and TOP policeman house who tells lies about crime rate get rob.

rajraman.Sorry folks I don’t encourage robbery but the common perception of Political Trader and Top Policeman tells … the crime rate drop is pure lies.Most gated house selling sky high prices.I seldom see my neighbourhood policeman patrolling my housing estate – they leave to my security guard to guard my neighborhood,but i always sees they stop motorcyclist at one hidden corner of roads.
Tak tau lah kenapa selalu polis tunggu di tempat sunyi.


When a perceived truth acts out or hurts again, it finally becomes a reality. Until then, it is only a perception of the mind – a play of gathered ‘facts’ or personal experiences (beyond the understanding/trust of the ‘reading’ public). If one says somebody murdered a Mongolian beauty, it is only a perception from gathered hearsay or testimonies until proven. The benefit of the doubt shall be the rule in the court of law. But when public security is at risk, shouldn’t precaution be taken (first), whether the risk is perceived or in fact the truth based on past experiences?… Read more »


Now drinking kopi kau kau also not feel safe as the Parang Gang can strike anytime anywhere. Better brew your own kopi (Ah Huat 3-in1?) at home and sip it safely at your balcony watching the sunset provided there is no haze. Cheers!


“Now drinking kopi kau kau also not feel safe as the Parang Gang can strike anytime anywhere.”

Now, this is one of the reasons I will make Belum rainforest my lifelong residence of affordable & almost free living, not even the Kedah gomen can bill me for using its rainforest water for brushing teeth!
Also, I can enjoy my morning Kopi-O kau kau buatan orang kampung plus cheap nasi lemak & still more cheaper & XXLger chicken drum sticks.
The law of the rainforest jungle is much better than the helpless law of insecurities in the cosmopolitan.


Suprised you get negative for your comments.

rajraman.Is the Policeman and Political Trader reading this blog and we wacking them, they very upset and gives us negative marks?