Updates: Beng Hock RCI and Sodomy II


It’s all happening today: Updates from the Beng Hock Commission of Inquiry and the Sodomy II trial.

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No degradation test. This is wrong. How would one know that the DNA samples were new or old? This is flawed. CCTV: There were about 10 people at the condominium including Anwar and Saiful but why focus on Saiful and Anwar? Saiful was working for Anwar and for sure he was part of the team having a meeting there. Anwar never said that he was not at the condominium. He was there, so were the others. But his contention was he was not in the room Saiful referred to and he did not sodomise Saiful. DNA can be planted. The… Read more »

Jefri Mamak

Agreed fully your last 2 paragraphs!


Just kick this government out. That’s the only solution.

Insulting to our intelligence.


I have stopped following these cases (circus) as (perhaps) the OUTCOME has been FINALISED from the very beginning as there is nothing we can do under the current BN adminsitration.

However, we should all move on from here to vote for the right government in the next GE.


Sodomy II, extracted from my comments…
Engineer: DNA machines well maintained
Hahaha! will a sex rascal up to his mischief with Sai-fool do it with a leaking condom?…Ask UMNO PM, I am sure he would’nt recommend it with a badly contaminated machine!

TBH RCI: Looking for a watch in a drain hole?
Bodoh la, look for it in the pawn shops!