Umno protest outside Australian High Comm


Umno supporters have protested at what they perceive to be interference in Malaysian affairs by a group of Australian MPs.

Mind your own business, Aussie MPs: Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin addresses a crowd this morning. – Photo twittered by Khairy

Khairy later handed over a protest note to Penny Williams, the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia.

Among those in the gathering were Umno Youth deputy leader Razali Ibrahim and MIC Youth leader Mohan Thangarasu.

More than 50 Australian MPs last week lodged a formal protest over the trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

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it’s truly a shame sometimes watching how our politicians carry themselves in the local news and also in the international arena. over 50yrs of independence have not made our country’s leaders wiser than their fathers and forefathers. it has made them greedy, selfish and very arrogant. i personally do not think that there’s anything wrong with the Ozzie MPs’ protest. that’s freedom of speech and expression. Truly if our judiciary system is fair and impartial, why should we be so arrogant to call other’s to mind their own biz. if our Umno youth leader is a true Oxfordian, he should… Read more »


If my neighbour commits domestic violence against his wife and children, should I stay out of his disputes too?

Thank you Australia, for speaking up against injustices.

Gerakan K

You don’t understand what is sovereignty.


You don`t either. Sovereignty is freedom from external control. Speaking against injustice is not controlling over people or country but to free one from control of an injustice.


Gerakan K, you seem to be ignorant.

Fire melts Iron

Gerakan K,

Let it put it this way, the sovereignty in this case is that, sodomy is illegal. It means carnal sex against the course of nature is an offence, in short, the anus has got to be protected from penetration, agree?

Doctors have conclusively attested that there was no penetration of the anus and rectum, which means Saiful’s ‘sovereignty’ was intact and why is there a charge against DSAI? Trump up charges?

Wise Owl

Half-baked Gerakan K,
If the British did not colonize us, you would be still sitting on trees. With M’s 22 yrs rule, the standard of our English language has now gone back to the pre-colonial days.

Gerakan K

It is clear that you never learn Malaya/Malaysia history.


I am afraid Gerakan K had left his brain in the same place … as the demonstrators. He cannot be helped anymore.


You see! Their logic is this…..They can complain about the injustice in the world. Yup, to the extent of protesting in Gaza strip crossing. But others can’t complain about them.
What does that mean? They are more holier than the rest….

Jim Cunningham

UMNO Protestor, see if you dare to barge thru the US Embassy.

Long live the Jewish state of ISRAEL.


WOOOO….Withdraw from UN???These idiots might do that as well.Anything is possible in BOLEH land and will give some another 3rd rated excuses for doing it so…


If this trial is between saiful and Anwar, then saiful is the one who should be demonstrating at the Australian embassy. Why umno? If umno claims that it has nothing to do with this case, then why umno? Why umno seems so interested now? Aren’t we noticing something here?
Bravo to the 50 Australian MPs who spoke up in the name of justice.

Gerakan K

UMNO cares for our sovereignty.


What ???!!!”UMNO cares for our sovereignty”??? !!! That’s RUBBISH !!!


Gerakan K, If so , why don’t you suggest withdrawing from UN, Commonwealth and other world organisations such as ASIAN etc. What’s the hussle??


Hello kanukaran,

I think Gerakan K is a fellow who is ignorant to what is going on. I think the letter K there stands for Katak di bawah tempurung.


If its a trumped up charge, the right minded ppl will surely speak up. Its a matter of common sense, like right from wrong. There are overwelming evidence in the form of hospital reports contraty to the so called alleged act …

ITs a shame on our side and courages on the side of the 50 MPs who spoke up in the name of justice.


When Nelson Mandela was jailed Countries all over the world protested .
The Aussies are not interfering like those in Mandela…..they and us Majority of Malaysians should not stand idle and silent when faced with INJUSTICE. In Anwar’s case (it appears to be) blatant conspiracy and deceit to destroy Anwar.


agreed with you setia. Only refomase can make right from wrong under the rule of BN for more then 50 years. The power in the hands of the voters. Lets make it COUNT.


So do the Malaysians. Malaysian government did not recognise South Africa. Passport also not valid.

Ah so, mind your own business

One must remember :


Heck, Malaysia is not even an island


It’s so funny..These… never give up their antics…. The world is already laughing at us..Now they laugh harder..
Almost every foreign media, from USA to Aust-NZ gives wide coverage to the Anwar Ibrahim and other cases..

These jokers must be paid well to perform…These goons still living in their own world..Ha…Ha…Ha….

Keep it up, Jesters…clowns, morons..The World Loves you..


Gerakan must be going nuts !!
These are pure racist … doing a sandiwara.
Just imagine Hindraf having a peaceful candlelight protest..Brute force will be used on them! Why? …
Sorry I am not a racist and Only subscribe to multiracial parties.
Where are our super efficient police force? Why no action taken against the protestors?
Charge them for illegal assembly….


Jobless people…Make them worry how to make the end of the month,they won’t have time for protest and shouting in the street.People with common sense,proper education and good family values will understand these kind of a acts does not bring any profit.It will drive away foreign investment.But on the 2nd thought they won’t worry for the particular people who make them do this will pay for their monthly bills,will take care their familes if anything unwanted happen to them.I have much more importnat stuff to do then worry ’bout it.Bunch of brainless…


Ya, show your true colours.


The people of Malaysia really suffer because when we are outside Malaysia, we will be laughed at and ridiculed… low IQ, no intelligent, … cakap tak boleh habis. Why? Because of our BN government lor !!! The other day i said to my mom, “Mom, do you know Malaysia not only now famous with the production of tin and rubber but SODOMY as well la… ” Being an illiterate, she asked what is Sodomy? I said, next time when you go to Sydney, the Australians will show you their backsides and they will politely ask you whether you come from… Read more »


as much as do not agree with the demonstration, i feel they should be allowed to gather peacefully to voice out their dissatisfaction as stated in constitution.

my only grevience is these are the very people who said demonstration is not part of our culture and opresses the opposition with teargas and police force.

i do not question their right to assemble, but i question the fairness of the people in power. this is the typical case of 1 rule for umno and another for the rest…

Gerakan K

Wake up. Avoid new colonization at all cost !!! Remember the mistake made hundred years ago that caused British colonization in Malaya !!!


Gerakan K, Agree with you that we gotta wake up and avoid the mistakes of our forefathers for the past 52 years! At least we are fortunate to be colonized by the British rather than other powers, the British left us a system of administration that is one of the best in the world when they left, other powers would have left the country in chaos and disarray! But, UMNO/BN is screwing and destroying every bit of the good administration and leading us to the road of irrelevance, faster than the discovery that the controversial submarines that we bought for… Read more »


You are a real nutcase…have no words for you


Gerakan K
How can you called that colonization when what the people of not just Malaysia but the world that is fighting for justice and fairness.

Is Malaysia trying to colonize Myanmar when they spoke out against the regime on the unfair treatment of their citizen and the demonization of democracy there.?? OPEN YOU EYES & DON`T BE ALWAY IN A STATE OF DENIAL !!!

Gerakan K

First they try to influence court cases. Then what? Perhaps the election result ???, the constitution ???

Wake up now. Our own issues must solve by ourself.


These people left their brains behind…

Fire melts Iron

In the current power struggle within UMNO between the ultras and the liberals, Khairy is held by his … to act aggressive! Deep inside, he knows it is absolutely degrading, but, for the sake of his own political survival, he has got to play along. The power struggle within UMNO is getting worst by the day, much worst than PKR, DAP and PAS combined. They are now stoking problems throughout Malaysia to divert the attention of the intense power struggle within. A very good indication of the power struggle, 1PM said he is cautious about Zahrain, and Zahid openly welcomed… Read more »


Hey, Khairy don’t you remember your infamous remark that demostrators are just like monkeys. Well, UMNO aka Perkasa how myopic can you all get!

Like a proverb in BM – “Mengata dulang, paku serpih, mengata orang awak yang lebih”.


They are free to express their unhappiness. So does the MP who expressed their.

You might said “Internal affair or whatsoever”, but when the justice are perceived to be NOT SERVE Fairly the only way is just sending a formal protest.

Do you prefer the Political elite in Australia mobilizes some thousand of protesters at Malaysian Embassy? I bet they can if they want to, and I know Australian valued their individual right very very much!…


Fairdinkum ,
for justice sees no colour, creed, height, race
or Aussies : sink this between your ears .

Krishna Singh

Ok Boys! Time to organise one more at the American Embassy. Senator Kerry is also calling for a fair trial!