Three reasons why Tommy Thomas would be an excellent choice for attorney general

File photo: Tommy Thomas (second from right)

I think Tommy Thomas would make an excellent attorney general for the following reasons:

  1. He is an eminently capable civil and constitutional lawyer. While it would also be good to have a criminal law background, it is still possible for someone like Tommy to take on the role of attorney general.
  2. From what I have read, it would just be a two-year contract, but it would show the world that Malaysia is serious about legal reforms. Tommy has a strong understanding of human rights and constitutional norms that will help Malaysia to reinforce its democratic credentials so that it can take pride of place in the international community of nations. (Incidentally, Tommy represented the Penang government in its case to reinstate local council elections.)
  3. Tommy has the expertise to help the government review high-profile corporate contracts involving the government. This is crucial at this time, given that the government may have entered into lop-sided deals that may not favour the public. Tommy will be able to advise the government on the legal options it may have.

That said, I am surprised, if the reports are accurate, that Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with the backing of the PH component parties, has made such a bold choice, despite some possible resistance. Muslim representatives from Parti Amanah Negare have already come out to say that appointing Tommy as attorney general would not affect the position of the Malays and Islam.

Mahathir looks as if he is going for broke on this issue, looking beyond ethnic and religious considerations. He knows he can use Tommy’s expertise.

The prime minister is also aware he has considerable public support behind him – as was evident in his recent stand-offs with the establishment, particularly on election night – to push ahead with reforms.

I suspect Mahathir has learned from his past mistakes and is rather relishing his reinvention as a democrat of sorts this time around. He also seems to be enjoying the considerable public affection, even adulation, he has received over the last couple of years for doing the right thing.

Could it be that this time around, Mahathir is determined to undo the damage he set in motion (remember the 1988 judicial crisis?) and leave behind a lasting legacy he – and all of us – can be proud of? What better way than to appoint a sharp legal critic of his previous administration as the government’s top legal adviser.

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Mah HS

Now the sacked Apandi can be the legal advisor for MO1 to defend any charges on SRC matters.


Hope the new AG will reopen Teoh Beng Hock murder case.
Highly suspicious is that MO1 fella who immediately went to Teoh’s family promising to find the culprits & solve the case.
Tommy Thomas, you are now Malaysian ‘Pao Kong’, do pursue these murderers still on the loose.


Murder Cover-Up Case Nets Najib, Rosmah and Lawyers Cecil Abraham & Shafee Abdullah
This could be a murder case of the century. Film producers, here’s the sure box-office not to be missed.
Altantuya, justice is finally coming for you. I hope the court will reserve a seat for you to witness the proceedings, a front seat near to witness box for that murdering (culprits) to see you eye to eye.


Does this means east malaysian non but bumi orso not cannot be A Gee?


Sayed Munawar (rehabilitated?) interviewed Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng live on TV1 Bicara Khas 10pm last nite.

LGE said BN used Cash Accounting instead of Accrual Accounting on 1MDB, thus ignored Contingency Liability and covered up debt.

Can Anil as an accountant tell us the difference between Cash Accounting vs Accrual Accounting?

BB resident

If you miss the show last night, it is now on Youtube:


M Pillay

Host Syed Munawar not wearing glasses on RTM1 now as if he has now seen the truth not blanketed by previous regime? LGE on prime time national TV to change rural perception on the true DAP??



Appointing Tommy Thomas as new AG is like inviting Pao Kong (legendary Chinese black-faced judge) which makes some bedevilled souls shiver.
The rulers need to fully understand that 1MDB fiasco + grand thefts + corruptions are issues our PM urgently has to settle & then move on. Otherwise, this impasse may thwart efforts to bring about Malaysia Baru.
No national progress means no stable flow of financial support…
I believe these rulers are already in the know of the grand thefts & should act wisely for the Rakyat’s interest.

Pakcik Am

Now that Apandi has been removed, Najib can be charged. But unless his men who are planted in the judiciary are removed Najib may get out quite easily. What is nTommy Thomas going to advise on this. Maybe he needs a Minister of Justice to advise on this. If Najib’s 3 contract additional Federal Court Judges planted to secure Najib gracefully resign promptly they will make the rakyat’s job easier.


Do they understand constitutional monarchy?

Ho Wan Lai

Supporters for Tommy Thomas while waiting for final endorsement by the palace can meantime enjoy the music of Timmy Thomas, very popular also on Malaysia radio.

Zuwairi Md Yusof

Memandangkan isu Peguam Negara dan Istana mengundang polemik dan dijadikan isu politik,dikesempatan masa yang terhad ni,aku nak kongsi pandangan berdasarkan sudut perundangan,perlembagaan persekutuan dan fakta. Fakta Satu Ex Peguam negara ditamatkan perkhidmatan oleh Najib BUKAN atas sebab kesihatan tapi skandal 1MDB jadi Najib telah menggunakan kedudukannya untuk mendapat persetujuan DYMM Agong untuk menamatkan perkhidmatan peguam negara ketika itu dan ni pertentangan dengan perkara 145 Perlembagaan persekutuan perlembagaan para 6. Peguam Negara tidak boleh dipecat kecuali mendapat perkenan Agong atas nasihat Perdana Menteri.Adakah Perdana Menteri telah ‘menasihati’ Agong dengan memberi gambaran yang salah? Fakta Dua Pendakwaan terhadap Najib dan ramai lagi… Read more »

Murali Subramaniam

Thanks Zuwairi


TunM pandai pakai tekanan dari rakyat tapi jikalau calon sgt berkaliber, apa salahnya dia jadi AG


Arguments against the AG nominee.

(1) The guy and his family hold Canadian PR.

(2) He is not proficient in Bahasa Malaysia, written or spoken.

(3) Zero knowledge of Syariah Laws.

(4) Acted as a lawyer for Chin Peng before.

(5) Conflict of interests – He is one of LGE’s lawyers in his ongoing bungalow with no swimming pool case.

Arguments for the AG nominee.

(1) The YDPA must accept whatever candidate presented by the PM.

Peoples Power

Who is scared of Tommy Thomas being nominated as AG, someone feel scared that he minght open can of worms

BB resident

The branded watches seized from a luxury apartment in Pavilion Residences last month are estimated to be worth RM80 million, according to China Press.

The daily reported that the most expensive of the 433 watches found in 37 bags was a Rolex which experts valued at RM3.5 million, followed by a Cecil Purnell priced at RM1.2 million.

It said, among the other brands seized, were Patek Philippe and Richard Mille designer watches.


AG must look into this Sarawak Report’s revelation: Najib Signed Off Hundreds Of Millions On ‘Scam’ Solar Project For Sarawak Schools


Here’s the genuine Tabung Harapan Malaysia account number:
5660 1062 6452
The Maybank account number is listed under “Tabung Harapan M’sia” account name and accepts donations only in ringgit

There’s A Fake Tabung Harapan Malaysia Fund Account Number That’s Circulating Online


Maybank could have created a simpler account number, like 2018 2018 2018.


Hopefully, our new AG can really look into so many scandals during Najib’s administration. Now a case involving Borneo Highway has just surfaced.


Please support this online petition, for Education Minister Maszlee Malik to set up a task-force to re-write our Sejarah textbooks. We need to include all the 1MDB scandals into our high school Sejarah textbook, so that the younger generation of Malaysians can learn from this dark history.

Mah HS

The Finance Ministry has discovered two gas line projects totaling RM9.4bil, where 88% of the amount has been drawn down – but only 13% of the work had been completed.

This is one of the projects ‘kept hidden’ under the red files away from the scrutiny of the most officials in the Treasury.