Tajudin Ramli sues Malaysian Insider for RM200m


I see the Star – and broadcast media, I am told – has reported that former MAS chairman Tajudin Ramli is suing the Malaysian Insider, its CEO Jahabar Sadiq and journalist Shazwan Mustafa Kamal for RM200m.

The lawsuit reportedly is over allegedly defamatory words in an article on the airline suffering losses of RM8bn titled “MACC clear A-G of graft allegations” on 31 May 2011.

I will be following this case closely as I know the 20-something Shazwan, an ex-Penang Free School boy and communications graduate from Monash University: he is one of the brightest and most promising young journalists around, a decent guy, and he will go far. I just feel sorry for his family that this is happening just days before Raya.

No doubt, press freedom groups and many Malaysians will be watching the case with great concern.

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27 Aug 2011 1.25pm

By right, the case can easily be thrown out on the bsis that TR did not object to all the negative comments over the years.

Lector Seah
Lector Seah
27 Aug 2011 12.10pm

MAS repeatedly use fuel hike as an excuse of losing money.
They should learn from Qantas that has doubled its profits in the same period, unless Qantas used less fuel or is more fuel efficient.

Andrew I
Andrew I
27 Aug 2011 10.49am

Some are more ketuan than others.

27 Aug 2011 9.05am

Only a nominee … of UMNO has the muka to sue…after (losing) billions from a public company.

…. Apa boleh buat, the rot starts from the head…make a guess, who is the head of this pack of … Ketuanan Melayu?

27 Aug 2011 2.00am

Why only RM200m? Should sue for RM10b. More at level for a billions loser.

How many CEOs in the entire world are so capable of making RM8b losses in few years? Get rid of umno then only we can see the light into this scandal.