Sodomy II updates


A crucial day in the Sodomy II trial, which will decide whether Anwar’s defence should be called.

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How to ‘moment of truth’ with so much inconsistency from witnesses’ statement? Malu-lah Malaysia. LOL!!!!

Gerakan K

Yawn ~

Should be game over this time.

Andrew I

Yes, yawn. Aren’t reruns boring? You might kena number this weekend since I’ve partly agreed with you for the first time.


Not over yet!
Still unanswered Q – how did Saifool get his sperm inside his own futsal rectum? ..wasn’t there more DNA found, Dr Seah?

Gerakan K

Frankly, I have no interest in Anwar case, so I don’t have any answer for your questions.

However, Anwar should resign as opposition chief and concentrate on his case instead.

On the other hand, just based on yesterday news report, there were some questions raised by Karpal and judging from that angle, I think that Anwar should have more legal opinions from other legal experts.

Andrew I

Wow. Commas and paragraphs. Is that really you Gherkin or are there several people using the same pseudonym?

I want my real Gherkin to please step forward.


So it’s all about Anwar having to resign? He still is such a BIG threat to BN, huh?

So by hook or by crook Anwar must be found “guilty as charged”…?

Gerakan K

Look at Sarawak election. Who is Anwar anyway ???

BN got threat kah ??? If PKR 3 seats = threat, then let Anwar continue with this type of ‘threat’ in next GE.

I can ‘yum seng’ to celebrate that threat !!!


Anwar has tested the tribulation of time. It will be times up for Najib and UMNO soon come this election otherwise why are they so keen to keep talking of unity talk with PAS.


Obvious – the continuous mention of “unity talk’ is aimed to divide and create suspicion and animosity within Pakatan Rakyat coalition. That’s how evil umno works!

Gerakan K

Same same lah. Remember September 16 project ???

Andrew I

So is this another tribute that BN is paying to Anwar’s ingenuity?


Lies after lies from UMNO and Najib. RAHMAN should spell the end of him. The 100 % loan scheme is a lie so is the free 1email. Now Tricube say it will cost 50 cents per email. This is how your blood will be sucked dry … Any which way he has already help directors of Tricubes to earn millions in a matter of days, the share which goes up from 5c to 33c after he made the announcement. Is he fit to be the PM. He should resign with so many allegations against him such as the Altatunya case,… Read more »

Gerakan K

RAHMAN thing proposed by RPK, right ???

You still believe RPK words ??? Unbelievable !!!


RPK is a … turncoat.

RAHMAN was a prediction by someone and RPK follows the lips of others just like the statutory declaration. As such it is not RPK proposal. It is a phenomenon that will come true for Najib who is … just like RPK. .


With the judiciary and prosecution (perceived to be) so one sided and the defence being denied almost every request, it will be a very uphill task for Anwar.


Yusof says the defence’s misconception was to consider that there were instances when Saiful could have run away from the incident (of sodomy).
Yusof says Saiful was not asked why he did not do so.

Yusof was trying to insinuate that this … entertainer, Saiful, was a shy and modest character, God fearing and a strong believer of the Quran…a “decent” muslim engaged with masuk dapan/belakan pintu love game. This subject in this sodomy II case have insulted human decency…

How could the Court trust this witness…


Because it is a Malaysian court?