Sodomy II updates


A couple of interesting updates this afternoon from the Sodomy II trial.

Courtesy of Malaysian Insider:

… Dr David Wells reads out excerpt of report.

Wells says in his experience he has never heard of semen being extracted 56 hours later from a victim’s body…

Sankara: If semen in rectum 56 hours before extracted, can DNA be retrieved?

Wells: If more than 24-36 hours before extracted, would be difficult to get any results. I’d be surprised.

Wells: I must admit aspects of proforma etc does not leave me with a lot of confidence those involved knew what they were doing.

Who is David Wells? From

David Wells is head of Clinical Forensic Medicine at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Monash University.

He is an Examiner in Medical Jurisprudence for the Society of Apothecaries of London, Board Member of the Australian Drug Foundation, Member of the Advisory Panel – National
Institute of Forensic Science and Member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of
Clinical Forensic Medicine.

His professional interests cover the full span of clinical forensic medicine but current activities are centred on non-accidental injury of children, sexual assault, injury interpretation and medical education. He is coordinator of the Monash University postgraduate program in forensic medicine.

His recent work has been with the World Health Organisation in Geneva, assisting in the establishment of medico-legal services for victims of sexual violence in developing countries.

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It is “strange and odd” that our local MSM carefully skipped or avoided printing this in details.
Hallmark of a conspiracy.

Don Theseira

I wonder who this moron of a DPP is calling unqualified.
How did this bloke ever become a DPP in the first place?

Andrew I

Apologies galore. Wong must be sleeping whilst on the beat. It’s the second time the Star has had to apologize in a week: Note how this has been pointed out: On Monday, Anwar, who was ordered by the court to enter his defence, gave his unsworn statement from the dock – meaning the prosecution would not be able to cross-examine him. Furthermore: He took more than an hour to read out his 32-page statement that day. Guess that was a wasted effort, especially when Anwar explained why he was taking this course of action. Some people are so confused… Read more »


DPP asks Dr Wells, “Are you qualified to practice in Malaysia?”

Dr Wells, “No, I have not registered to practice in Malaysia.”

DPP, “So, you are unqualified?”

Dr Wells, “I have not registered.”

DPP, “You are not allowed to practice here. So you are unqualified!”

Dr Wells, “Whatever!”

DPP, “So if you are not recognised by the government and are not qualified to practice here, how can we accept your testimony?”


Maybe Malaysia “expert” discover new out of the world technology (maybe we hide some decepticon part in some cave in Malaysia), that able to rebuild damage DNA, or perhaps , in future, rebuild living being like the Fifth element movies.


… Let the fall of the Dictators in Tripoli be a reminder to these so called, “Untouchables”…no one is invincible.
The bottom line in this case is, whether Anwar makes his defense in the dock or swears on the Qur’an, it makes no difference…. the guilty verdict (appears) inescapable but, it does prove one very important point, “Anwar has proven himself, he is a man and standing tall!”


Malaysians who are anti UMNO/BN administrators got be doubly careful, where they expose their private parts or using public places of convenience. (Some people could) frame you …! In bolehland everything is boleh……

Ho Hia Tee

thks to our gomen, our children get to learn about same-sex education over the media …… betul betul Malaysia Boleh !


Malaysia Boleh???


Malaysia memang Boleh in the new scientific and medical discovery of how sperms and survive in anus for a few days. Perhaps Saiful’s anus have special ‘features’ that can incubate sperms.