Sodomy II: Samples “pristine” after 56 hours


More astonishing testimony from the Sodomy II case.

Australian DNA expert Dr Brian McDonald testifies, as reported in Malaysiakini:

“This is because there is no sign of degradation and the samples are pristine,” he said about the three samples taken from Saiful’s rectum 56 hours after the alleged sodomy took place between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

…McDonald said the ‘Male Y’ DNA was prevalent in the low rectal swabs.

However, the witness noted, Saiful’s DNA was prevalent in the high rectal swab.

“Hence, I cannot discount the possibility that Saiful’s semen or sperm could have been up in the high rectal area, based on the tests,” McDonald said.

“Furthermore,” he added, “the three samples from the swab are pristine, although they should have degraded under the circumstances.”

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Possibly the anus is like a freezer that can keep sperm at -20C. Sperm dries off after 5 to 10 minutes. And here after 56 hours they could retrive it from a “freezer”. And only after about 100 hours brought to be analysed – said to be pristine. It says DNA is found in the semen, Whose sperm? No evidence that it belongs Mr Y, as Mr S’ sperm was found there. DNA Y in Mr S’ sperm? …


Such wonder rectum of Bolehland should be a revelation to the medical science. Maybe the wasted concoction of tongkat ali & teh tarik when discharged at the rectum somehow purge the germs/bacteria to provide a fertile ground for the sperm to thrive for more than 56 hours. Worth a further research by Dr Seah to earn Nobel honors in medical breakthrough?

Rush Sam

Such medical breakthrough will be a good news for those with low sperm count (quality vs quantity) – can make the sperm head more solid to penetrate any egg resistance?. Thanks to Dr Seah, those foreign impotent people can now boost the medical tourism for Malaysia. Satu lagi projet transformasi BN.


If the sperm after exposed 56 hours still remained pristine and can fertilize an egg…the new creation is called a “Miracle Baby”
So folks don’t be naughty if not with your life partner!


Provided if it’s a new species of sperm of 56 hrs Strong Essence…: whether for court evidence or forced impregnation.
Am I drinking too much Kopi-O kau kau?


… What will boot polishers will not do for their political masters…. just to enter into the fast lane for promotions…future head! no?


Lies and incompetency to have allowed this trial to drag on, what a shame!

HEADS must roll starting from the rotten head! PM Najib and his BN Cabinet have made an … of themselves for the world to see.

Resign en bloc if they have an ounce of credibility and integrity left to take responsibility of the mess and plot to politically assassinate Anwar!


UMNO Boleh.

UMNO, can I see you for some favours?


Pristine after 56 hrs in the bacteria-infested anus!
That may be, unbelievably could be, and clear as broad daylight ‘fresh’ works of evidence of the wonders of nature at work!

If only our body parts could be naturally discarded and replaced secretly at will with pristine parts ‘created’ out of thin pristine air!