Sodomy II: New twist


Karpal Singh pointed out today during the Sodomy II trial that a standard form filled by a Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctor only mentions ‘attempted sodomy’ and ‘attempted oral sex’.

I had to burst our laughing when I read this reader’s comment about a Malaysiakini report ‘Sodomy II: Dent in prosecution case’ on this latest development by someone going by the name of Keturunan Malaysia:

MALAYSIAKINI, please don’t leave it to me to come out with the headline. I sure won’t pick yours: “Sodomy II: Dent in prosecution case”. Mine will go something like this: “Sodomy II: Hole in prosecution case…

Actually, I have almost given up following this long and winding case, which is getting even more and more bizarre. I am sure it makes for ‘entertaining’ reading in the foreign press (just as the Valentine’s Day moral policing must have raised not a few foreign eyebrows – the news appeared on the BBC and Huffington Post websites, among others – and undermined whatever tourism promotion the government has carried out).

Somehow, I can’t get away from this image stuck in my mind of learned judges, prosecutors, lawyers – all dressed up in their formal robes and courtroom suits – with the help of doctors, solemnly arguing about and debating the finer points of sodomy (and now oral sex) for days, weeks, months, years on end, while ‘probing’ and posing ‘penetrating’ questions to witnesses.

In fact, we have been through all this before, a dozen years ago. Deja vu.

And all the time the country is facing serious economic challenges that are crying out for attention. What will future generations think of us when they read the history of these times?

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The script was written and the actors flopped. The world is laughing at us. What a disgrace to … Malaysia. There are leaders today who will sell their (heritage) for power.

Gerakan HS

To : wandererAUS and looes74

Thank you for making additions to my comment to depict the current Government lawyers and prosecutors….

“REALLY A BUNCH OF … ‘,whatever

To both of you…You make my day. CHEERS


This whole sodomy case has made us … a laughing stock.Disgraceful is the right word to describe it. Yet our … leaders especially UMNO think it is apt to drag all the fine details of sodomy be examined through the courts and under public scrutiny….


Three male DNA samples found on brief…including the complainant’s..Three?? My perception is that the complainant is getting more weird by the day. By the way, if the complainant’s DNA sample was found, didnt he ejacu.? Could he do that if he was forcibly sodomised?


next genaration??? let me think….Hmm….U morons who cares who ….ed who…

Ong Eu Soon

Now the latest DNAs at the vicinity of the…, wonder how big is the toilet bowl, must the type with 2 inch diameter. Aim and s… Best comedy of the year.


Seriously, everything has been trivialized: the Courts, Judiciary, AG’s Office, Medical experts etc.

Even the Judges Circuit or the Courts electric power supply has been shorted. Why the Judge did not prematurely (eject) the case is as (bizarre) as the AG’s Office proseticution….


If this case have been handled in a 1st world country, it would have been strangled or thrown out into the nearest lonkang (dirty drain) never to be seen again, ever! This 2-in-1 Sodomee or Oral-D (donkoi) sexy case is getting to long, too far and too sequential in stupidity of the lowest kind in mankind without the end of its horizon. No sex case or sex for that matter can go that long (tahan) to be believable. At least Mr Mulder of X-Files is more believable for his poster tagline “I want to Believe” – in X-rated files if… Read more »

Andrew I

Latest: 3 DNA samples have been found during the field trip around someone’s reardom.

One sample belongs to one’s self (I wonder how it got there…gives true meaning to telling people to go @#$% themselves.)

Then two more. My, my. Someone has been a busy little girl, hasn’t she?

charlie chan

friends- sodomy 3 is coming soon.the whole world is laughing at malaysia n as we get distracted, our neighbors are busy taking away all the foreign investment. look at thailand , now the biggest automobile hub in asia. where is proton – languishing n loosing millions of tax paYERS MONEY. SINGAPORE IS NOW THE FINANCIAL N TRANSPORT HUB OF ASIA. INDONESIA N VIETNAM ARE STEAMING AHEAd economically. malaysia is now rated a low end , low paid, poor skills n an uneducated workforce – now called a 2 wheel economy as malaysians can only afford motor cycles. what a joke… Read more »


S… resisted but somemore can ejaculate. Must be super…!!!

najib manaukau

A sodomy or an oral sex is till a sodomy or an oral sex, no penetration is just a technical issue. I don’t want a sex maniac … to be the leader of the country….


The way things are going, Malaysia will soon make San Francisco look like a kindergarten as a gay heaven.


What new twist? It is an old twist.

We have stupid (people) wasting public money and time, hearing a … ‘sodomy’ case based on a complaint made by a stupid … boy….

Hey Ram

In the last Election the people have spoken up their voices to support the Pakatan . Anwar is now dragging the ship to sink further , 1st he was going on regarding how he planned to take over the government by September or so which nothing happened , 2nd came PKR own internal election system in which it saw its founding senior members been forced out . 3rdly , the Sodomy 2 case is taking too much attention to one single purpose whereas the people supposed to be the focal point. I believe for the betterment of the opposition front… Read more »


Gerakan ‘How Siow’
‘Silly Fool’, you can always ‘bite’ it off . Why didn’t you?…

Hey, Sai-fool is a vegetarian!

K S Ong

For those who understand Cantonese: We were told by a lady ASP, of an instance in court where the accused was shocked when the victim was asked to describe what happened, ‘Tolong sifatkan…’. His immediate reaction was telling his counsel, ‘I did not do anything to her backside…’


I am in my early 60, I will be very happy with my performance if I could do it once a week…twice, it is my elusive dream!!


Can someone enlighten me, how a 60+ bloke could get a ejaculation if he had an unwilling or unaccommodating bed mate?… especially, if she had her legs crossed!
Anil, have you made a study on subject…Sex for the seniors…


I am confused!…which … hole?

Sai-fool, you were overpowered and submitted timidly … to a 60+ senior for a double dose … (oral and anal sex)…this great achievement must be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records!…Viagra, step aside.


LOL. After all these years of nation building we had come to this level of stupidity.
Now we knew why the prosecution tried to guard this medical proforma from being tendered as exhibit in court.
Now we have men in robes including the presiding judge creating jokes, deliberating oral/anal sex.
Our future generation will be amaze, shaking their heads at us.
Good old guni setahil indeed.






Gerakan HS,
# Sayfool was forced … (but)… since he doesn’t have teeth, so he ahem ahem….Hahaha


Don’t look back, parents! Send your children to the Malaysian Institute of Advanced Sodomology!

Andrew I

“What will future generations think of us when they read the history of these times?”

Cavemen in suits.

Andrew I

Sorry, I take that back. They won’t be able to think, just memorize.