Sodomy II: “A sackable offence,” says witness


More revealing testimony from the Sodomy II trial today.

Excerpt from a Malaysian Insider report:

Both containers (containing DNA) bore labels that were dated June 26, 2008.

Anwar is charged with sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in a Damansara Heights condominium on the same date.

The court has been told the complainant was swabbed for test samples of his DNA only after seeing doctors two days later, on June 28, 2008.

Dr McDonald, who was briefed of the history of the case, said such a labelling meant one of two things, either the samples were indeed taken on June 28, 2008; or the samples were labelled wrongly.

“This is a sackable offence,” he testified.

“You could kill someone. If you change something on a medical result, you could kill someone,” he said.

Dr McDonald explained that the proper thing to do would be to verify with the source if there has been a mistake and move quickly to correct it and have those steps recorded.

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Bengali Tiger

Local expert testified that both DNA of DSAI and SAIFUL WERE FOUND inside Saiful’s (rear) hole, no specification as to the source. The source could have been sperm or dead skin flaks. Another fact established was that the sperm cells was pristine. According to the two Australian experts, sperm cell would not look like sperm cells anymore after 36 hours because of bacterial and fungal actions. Could it be that skin flaks of DSAI were obtained from the prison cell floor during his imprisonment long before sodomy 2 and then recently used to mix with Saiful’s sperm before syringing it… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Somebody must teach us how … the sperm can go to the anus. How this wonder boy can end up (like this) after being sodomised?


He (may have resorted to) self-sodomy) – … in Sodom-me Land of Apanama Pun Boleh!

Caution: Highly self degrading and lose of self respect. May lead to self injury without the proper guide from shameful manual attached. And may get sacked once your boss knows it.


(All those) part in this charade of a political ploy should realise that Najib is a fast-sinking ship! When a ship sinks, you don’t want to be on it! The rats should all be scuttling to get away! Only fools would want to continue this ridiculous, scandalous show. The time will come when these people will have to account for this sacrilege against decency.


Yusof, cut your losses, withdraw and concede….before making a complete fool of yourself. Also, save your political tainted masters….

Judge Diah, stay sane! was (Saiful) still a creditable accuser?

… UMNO … not worth all that!


The expert identified 2 key issues.

1. Some semen samples taken from the victim showed no degradation after 100 hours in outside condition (eg. in a drawer). This contradicts with its history.

2. Because of the poor adherence of the Malaysian Chemist to proper procedure, the sperm wasn’t isolated when testing for DNA. The test results obtained may also means the sperm could have been from Saiful’s semen.

I believe in most other courts, the case would have been thrown out if the expert opinion holds water.
I leave readers to form their own conclusions.


I have always wonder. Put the word Govt in front of any profession and you have a bunch of incompetent and soulless people. I am so happy for not joining the govt service. I have my soul.

Ong Eu Soon

Now the drama has the element of back to future! I didn’t realise Malaysia is so advance that it can go back to June 26 to collect the sperm sample immediately after the alleged sodomy took place. Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Judiciary lagi Beleh!


It is about time Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah presiding judge realized there is only one law for all!.. we are capable and knowledgeable enough to know, how to judge a judge (thanks to our honorable ex-appeal judge NH Chan). The Malaysian judiciary is entering into one great ball of mess created by the the dodgy characters in power.
I am always in contention that when scumbag politicians screwed up the judiciary, the whole nation will be screwed!!..(a former premier) has a lot to answer for the nation predicament….


A wrong is a wrong is a wrong. There is no such thing as a wrong being a right in a given circumstance, contrary to what TDM wants us to believe.
I say just give BN more rope.

Phua Kai Lit

Members of the medical profession should just follow the Hippocratic Oath they have taken and refuse to take part in this
politically-motivated charade/state-sponsored persecution.


In my opinion, our local doctors and chemist are competent to carry out these DNA testing and identification. Only thing they (appear to have) compromised their medical professionalism since Anwar is involved. Both Umno and their … police and AG (seem to have) pressured these weak doctors/chemist to come up with a result that suits their interest and purpose. Hence the slip-shod job and non observance of proper protocal and basic standard procedures. The presence of multiple dna profie is ignored and is categorized as a single dna profile. Look at Sodomy 1, doctors were directed to make a false… Read more »


The prosecutor Yusof asked for a postponement because he has lost his for errors from the DNA expert but, to no avail…he was sniffing around … directionless and aimlessly. It is pretty obvious, he (could) be spending more of taxpayers’ money to seek help from overseas DNA experts from the States and Europe to put him back on track. Also, pity all those doctors and chemists, half past six specimens who made a fool of themselves and brought shame to the nation.
It is interesting to know what is in the mind of the … judge now….