Show of support for Anwar in Seberang Jaya


A small protest was held at near the Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya within the Permatang Pauh constituency in mainland Penang this afternoon in a show of support for Anwar Ibrahim.

A larger rally is expected to be held tonight in Seberang Jaya, where Anwar, Mat Sabu and Guan Eng are expected to speak.

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10 Mar 2014 11.53am

The issue really is whether Anwar and his posse can take off their gloves and match UMNO horde’s maliciousness. How far can he really go especially given he still got an appeal before the Federal Court. Anwar has been known for ruthless trickery behind the scene but no great track record of open combat even against the opposition in his heydays with Mahathir backing him.

Pak Tim
Pak Tim
9 Mar 2014 11.20pm

Come 14th GE, the Rakyat will show putrajaya what people are fed up about.

9 Mar 2014 11.09pm

Only ten over and less than 2k for rally. The people are fed up.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
10 Mar 2014 4.04pm
Reply to  Ananars

They come even when they don’t receive any bribe !