Razak Baginda freed, two others called to enter defence


Abdul Razak Baginda has been freed by the High Court this morning. He had been charged with abetting in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shariibuu.

Two others, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, have been called to enter their defence.

“I just want to go home,” The Star quoted Razak Baginda as saying.

Let’s hope the two special action squad members reveal more about who exactly was behind the murder and that we get to see the ‘big picture’… Once again, the judiciary will be closely scrutinised.

Meanwhile, PI Bala is still missing…

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Razak Baginda may be free physically but not mentally. He CHEATED HIS WIFE, HE CHEATED HIS DAUGHTER, HE CHEATED ALL THOSE WHO LOVE HIM. Imagine his poor wife and daughter was by his side all this wife. Was he with them when they needed him? No, he was flirting without feeling guilty.

I sincerely do feel sorry for Altantuya and Baginda’s family continue for trusting him. No one deserves to die a terrible death. May God continue to watch those sinners.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

With the verdict at the court (30th Oct) today
The deceased had indeed a very high cost to pay
It’s not just to have the case to really delay
But for those involved to partake in more replay

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 311008
Fri. 31st Oct. 2008.

Siew Eng

Good for him – he gets to go home.

Not so for Altantuya.

Nor her dad.

For what is home when you have lost the one who made it so?


Absolute joke, the Malaysian public and foreign people are witness to an absolute joke …

Real dark day for Malaysia….. Happy Haloween….


It’s business as usual here. Based on the earlier SMS exchanged, everything went according to plan. Since the court decision was already expected, no surprises here. ….. BTW, P.I. Bala cannot be said to be missing. Missing is when no one has any info and knows where he is. In Bala’s case, the police and Botak knows about him and even spoke to him on the phone before. Then we can no longer says he is missing lah. Maybe kidnapped or hide-away? Maybe Botak should ISA him “for his own protection and safety”. Then they can keep him close at… Read more »

prof JOHN B

It’s a sheer waste of energy making any comments on the outcome of this case. It was expected knowing the present intergrity of our judiciary and the powerful politicians. Instead of mopping the puddles of our many problems, get into the solution please. Look up, and PATCH THE LEAK ON THE ROOF……….


kazar adnigab

What motive did the 2 policemen have in blowing up the mongol who had just arrived a couple of days ago into dust powder? What wrong had she personally done to these 2 perfect strangers so much so that they had to slaughter her like a cow? If there is no motive for the crime, the 2 policemen cannot be held responsible for the murder. The one who gave the order must be brought to justice…


Wow, Raz.
Razak is acquitted! No surprise but a bit suspicious!
If there is no Razak Baginda, Altantunya had no reason to come here to meet her death.
Mind bogling la!!


We don’t need a prophet to predict this outcome. Always the lower ranks take the rapping…even then, the end result may not do justice to the crime.
The wheel of injustice will continue to roll, the truth will never be known…
Malaysia Boleh!


not suprise at all

old fart

“Let’s hope the two special action squad members reveal more about who exactly was behind the murder and that we get to see the ‘big picture’…”

Fat chance of this happening, Anil! …


Poor girl, guess the only way to get even with them is when they all go into hell one day and she can fight her case (there)…


The 2 cops won’t reveal anything more than what they have revealed so far. …. All this is just ‘wayang kulit’. … In Malaysia, anything goes. Jungle law applies.


SHOCKING! UNBELIEVABLE! Our judiciary does leave so much to be desired. It reminds me of the … courts of yesteryears. I am even more determined now to stand up against our corrupt government. …


Atlantuya couldn’t smile Into pieces she had been done Now the verdict came Razak Baginda is freed The subplot players They are asked to make their defence Into it justice must reveal The true shadow players behind the plot Atlantuya never wanted to go this way Though she might have asked for more On her services rendered to procure projects She shouldn’t be murdered into pieces Now the stage is set For the real truth to be told The subplot players couldn’t work alone There must be a person of authority to instruct The way it was done now is… Read more »

Why Cares

Decision like this expected .