As Anwar’s political future thrown in doubt, Nurul Izzah addresses Kajang voters


Nurul Izzah is being touted in many circles as one of the possible candidates to replace Anwar in the Kajang by-election in case Anwar’s bid to contest fails.

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At least Rafizi has real world experience running teams/organizations towards goals. All this talk about her as future PM is premature without giving her some real world experience at actually leading something significant other than rallies.


Nurul running would be a Khalid win, The other camp would argue for Rafizi. More likely Rafizi

Awang Selamat Ori

Yang will be an excellent candidate for MCA, surely Nurul stands no chance against the old man. Can someone alert MCA/UMNObaru about the existence of this old man in Penang?


Awang : MCA/UMNO would want a matured energetic person to bring the country forward not like PR who rather have one old outdated guy. Anyway I may be too young or a matter of fact not old enough for the job or maybe much too old for the job. I think Chew Mei Fun is just nice, Thanks anyway, I leave it to you. It seem you are very interested in the Kajang job. I hope that LGE father should worry more about your deposit than MCA UMNO Chew deposit.

Pak Tim

She is not representing any state seat?