Now Rosmah is found guilty


The High Court has found Rosmah Mansor guilty of corruption in relation to the hybrid solar project for Sarawak schools. Imagine how many schools and schoolchildren could have benefited from the funds.

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Harimau Tua

Maybe this is the result of Najib’s sumpah laknat, the more lies you guys tell, the heavier the sentence. RM970million is still a few ten of millions short of RM2.6 billions went to Jibby’s account, and many billions Malaysia lost and now we rakyat have to pay back.

School children in rural Sarawak must rejoice since they have been deprived Solar power for their classrooms due to diverted fund.


The first payment of bribes – RM5 million – was already made earlier on Dec 20, 2016, and the cash was delivered to Rosmah at her official residence in Putrajaya.

The second payment of RM1.5 million cash was personally delivered by Jepak Holdings MD Saidi to Auntie Rosie at her private Langgak Duta home on Sept 7, 2017. However, none of the 369 rural schools in Sarawak receive any electricity.


Sarawak rural voters should not support BN parties that have cheated their children of solar energy to power their schools and Internet needs.


Sarawakians should avoid Umno and BN at all cost. Avoid Abang Jo team if he align with BN!


DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke has questioned how former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak would serve his 12-year prison sentence if he’s already hospitalised after 12 days.


Good news: Pardon for Najib not legally possible now, says Tommy Thomas

“Essentially, you have to serve one-third of your jail sentence before you apply.”


But Najib the banduan gets special treatment at prison hospital?


If the case was repeatedly postponed for resaons such as dog caused lawyer to fall and daughter gave birth in a neighbouring country, then anything is likely. He may spend the rest of his sentence in “hospital”.


Even after being imprisoned, Banduan Najib methods still have not changed. He hasn’t shown the slightest iota of change or remorse.

Delaying tactics, excuses, slightest of excuses to miss court hearings, moving from the discomfort of a prison cell to a five star hospital ward with nurses in attendance. It has become so part of his DNA. None of these health issues were seen or heard of when he was holidaying in Singapore after his conviction.


Najib Nak Ponteng Mahkamah Atau Elak Penjara?

(Najib feigning illness to avoid prison & 1MDB trial?)

Gray Goose

Seriously, how can Najib ever be pardoned? The crimes he has committed are so serious that he must complete his jail term. I would advocate a reduced sentence if he cooperates and exposes all of UMNO wrongdoings and name all corrupt UMNO MPs which there are so many in exchange for some leniency.


Selangor ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has stripped Najib Abdul Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, of titles in the state.

The revocation is effective today and is due to the couple being convicted in court.


The rest of the state Sultans should follow suit to revoke Bossku any title.


I agree! Cannot give chance to a felon! God will also punish him in hell!


Lawak Mat Sabu…


It’s so embarrassing fo Nizar Razak son of Najib to compare our “National Embarrassment” with Nelson Mandela who is one of most respectable persons the world has ever known for his sacrifices he made when he fought against apartheid, and as an incorruptible leader when he became the leader of his country.


Al Jazeera reports on Rosmah’s conviction:

Rosmah Mansor, ex-Malyasian PM Najib’s wife gets 10 years in jail

Dr Watson

Judge : Corruption has reached almost every level of society. It must be curtailed before it becomes a pandemic. If corruption is left unbridled, our society will come to accept it as a way of life or business”


Rosmah Says She Is The Victim. Do You Agree?
(Rosmah dakwa dirinya mangsa. Anda setuju?)


“I must admit that I’m very sad with what happened today,” Rosmah said. “Nobody saw me taking the money, nobody saw me counting the money…. but if that’s the conclusion, I leave it to God.”


Najib is in Cheras Rehab Hospital. The question is HOW LONG will Najib be out of jail and at the Cheras Rehab Hospital? Is 12 years possible?

Harimau Tua

Tomorrow may never come, but jail time will definitely come for her.


Cried in court…

Dr Watson

Caramel macchiato coffee with Super Ring can be popular Malaysia offerings to tourists?


Don’t Cry for Me Malaysia!

Soon a new song for a new Malaysian broadway. Douglas Lim should seize the opportunity!