Mat Sabu charged in Butterworth court


Pas deputy president Mat Sabu was charged with criminal defamation in the Butterworth court this morning.

He was charged under s500 of the Penal Code and the case is likely to be heard in December. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to two years or fined or both.

Bail was set at RM15000.

A crowd of a few hundred gathered in and around court this morning.

Whatever positive sentiment that greeted Najib’s announcement of the repeal of the ISA would surely have evaporated.

The entire saga including Mat Sabu’s statements on the Bukit Kepung incident has thrown wide open the interpretation of historical events leading up to Merdeka.

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Thanks to Mat Sabu, emergency-era servicemen will get RM3K from Najib in the 2012 budget goodies.


Very true, the ex police and army have Mat Sabu to thank. Had Mat Sabu didn’t stir up a controversy against the bukit kepong incident, najib could never have given then the one off and bonus. had he done that in the years he was the defence minister? A lot of attention was brought up to those benefiting groups from this budget was the result of the controversy brought about by PR members who dare to be different and non popular. Therefore, a change in gov’t is wise for this time around, so that they will all learn a lesson… Read more »

telur dua

They got the wrong guy. They actually wanted to nab Ibrahim …


Rom Nain

Wah, now you can defame the dead one, ah? And I’m told you can also be charged with defaming those who make police reports against you and the families of the dead! Wow! Malaysia Boleh.


Mat Sabu defamed who?

PDRM? – Does not even exist then
UMNO? – (Some of) The founding members were just office boys in the colonizer’s administration

Look at the event then, who was hero, who were traitor?
Resistance or colonizer’s lackey?


How can Mat Sabu be charged for voicing his opinion when Najib is preaching to have the best democracy in the world?

GenY rakyat need to ask yourself if Najib is serious in his so-called reform.

Does that mean that we cannot comment on the 3 MACC flers who are alleged to have robbed money changer, as it is deemed to be insulting the MACC institution?

Andrew I

With new found press freedom, the things that the Economist and other evil foreign press have to say are now printable:

Praises galore. All hail the born-again liberal.


PDRM is just living up to the (perception) as the … lackeys of the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras !

najib mannaukau

This (appears to be) a political move to gain support from the Malays.
Utusan Melayu has done more serious stuff than this but to date nothing has ever happened to them. And you call this a democratic country, it is more than a joke !


Malaysian PDRM must be full of jokers placed there by UMNO!!!
Utusan, Perkasa are all above the law and can say,do whatever they wish!!
Malaysia can never be a ‘model democracy ‘ country as long as UMNO in power…….
And sad to say we still have … people like Gerakan K still supporting Umno!!!!What a shame!


Why are taxpayer’s money used to create clowns and boots lickers in the nation. These blue uniform… are they to keep law and order or their presence is to sniff at … ? I want my money back!!

Syiok Syiok

after your sPICE investigation (your name is reported in The Sun today), you have become popular such that gomen cybertroopers take turn to put their comments.

Keep up the investigative reporting.

Gerakan K

Whoa anil !!! You are famous now !!! Expect lots cuppas very soon !!!

Andrew I

Thanks to you. No ying, no yang.

Andrew I

Ya, unemployable grads with low IQs. There’s a regular here. His idiotic comments are hard to miss.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Andrew I

Without Gerakan K, the comments here will be
almost 100% anti-BN.

Borrowing Lee Kuan Yew’s comment about opposition MPs in Singapore’s Parliament, we need “sparring partners” from time to time (no matter how inane their comments) don’t we?

Andrew I

Inane, inquisitive = must look up dictionary.

I agree. Life would be dull without him. I was sharing this realization with some friends the other day. We compare our intellect with other intellectuals but what we don’t realize is that we’re miles ahead of a lot of people.

We don’t realize that stupidity is actually not in short supply.

Gerakan K

Siapa itu Sabu jika dibandingkan dengan permansuhan ISA dan EO ??? 1Malaysia PM Najib sedang membina mementum yang kuat bagi menghadapi pilihanraya yang akan datang. Kes ikan bilis yang kecil seperti Sabu, memang tiada impak kepada rakyat.

Kesian Sabu ~