Mahathir and the judges… again


Somehow, even after his retirement, Mahathir is still involved in controversy involving the judges. The Lingam tape, Salleh Abas, Ian Chin… ? What else is coming out of the judicial closet?

So what do you make of Mahathir’s response (to Ian Chin’s revelations)? Maybe his memory needs refreshing…

Both the New Straits Times and the Star today chose to splash Justice Dato Ian Chin’s “stunning” claims of my alleged interference in the judiciary, providing brief respite from the current issues of oil price hike etc etc

I will refrain from commenting for now and will do so in due time.

However, I am quite curious about what Ian Chin considers as “veiled threat”. Perhaps he could be more specific as his allegations are very serious.

Whichever way we look, most of us can now clearly see the damaging impact of the Mahathir legacy – from the squandering of our oil resources on grandiose projects to the undermining of judicial independence, to the privatisation of Tenaga, to the superprofits earned by the IPPs. Man, are we feeling the effects now!

You know something else? If you examine the comments on Mahathir’s blog, invariably you will find mostly positive comments and hardly any critical comments. (Correct me if I am wrong – I just had a quick look. More than that, and I know I would feel nauseated.) Wow, he must be the most popular man in the country!

Here’s a sampling of comments from his latest blog entry today:

arrybujang said…


All of these AAB’s choir boys e.g. NST, Bar Council (yg ekor sendiri pun bergelumang tahi), narrow minded-current cabinet ministers are merely a bunch of nincoompop whose merely try to take their lucky shot on you.
Please do not be worry Tun, we as your children will defend you even with our tooth & nail.


June 11, 2008 3:42 PM
Blogger Ismail said…

run…u dont need to quit or watsoever.. petronas need u ..we need u..

June 11, 2008 3:43 PM
Blogger gunjack said…

im full support u tuk dek

June 11, 2008 3:45 PM
Blogger zvisote said…

Bee cool TUN….

June 11, 2008 3:45 PM
Blogger Syam said…

saya menyokong tun menjadi penasihat petronas. sekurang2nya petronas tidak ketandusan orang yg mempunyai pemikiran yang hebat dan berkaliber

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My headmaster has said, ” …there is NO JUSTICE in this world & malaysia is the SAME lah !!”


Response to Matthias Chang I am just wondering what is wrong with this fellow Matthias Chang ? Mahatir is already “suda penchen”, so what is this Mattahias fellow so hot under his collar about. Is he trying to posture himself as a man of great principle or is he merely tryimg to buy himself his “15 minutes of fame ?” This man thinks he is a great hero, but to my thinking he is an a***h*** licker. Mahatir is the most evil influence that ever held sway over the unfortunate fate of Malaysia and it is he who has put… Read more »


I’d like to take on this Matthias Chang. I’ve been told that the articles on Take That’s blog are quite well written. But, like Mr. Smith, I have no desire to ‘step into hell’ so I wouldn’t know. Let’s see if this catches his eye and whether the molehill will come to me.


You can always know if its written by Matthias Chang, Dr.M’s speechwriter & aide… by just looking at the title & writing style. The article always has a very confrontational tone, ad-hominem attacks are everywhere, disbelievers are called morons, fools, etc., lots of points, accusations, and conclusions made that don’t make any sense. Anyway, Matt fired the first shot in reply to the judge.

The more Dr.M tries to fight Badawi, the more Badawi does in exposing Dr.M’s dirty secrets, bit by bit.


I am like Mr Smith, I now don’t visit his blogsite anymore. I don’t want my visits to be taken as an indication of how popular his blogsite is. And I truly feel what he has been saying and will continue to say are all twisted facts, half-truths, excuses and rationalisations to save his own skin. I am no longer interested in all these.


Excuse mahathir, his brain is presently on leave. He will reply to Justice Chin when it returns from leave. More likely he is using the time to think up more excuses and rationale to exonerate himself.

You take your time for we are not really that interested!

Mr Smith

Why are there only positive comments in Mahathir’s blog?
Two possibilities.
1. It’s people like me who refuse to visit his blog. Not even once have I gone there. Because I just hate him and all that his his? He is evil and I don’t step into hell.

2. Mahathir is rejecting negative comments. Remember he is the moderator of his blog and as he ‘moderated’ the judiciary and the media during his premiership, what is there to stop him from moderating your comments.

steve lee

Strip Dr.M of his”Tun”,and put (him) in jail,throw away the key.


TDM is damn lucky that with all his wrong doings he is not in ancient
China because at that time people like him will be given a simple trial and have their heads chopped off at noon in the market square.
At least he is lucky to be in Bolehland.


Hi Anil, It’s without doubt that … Mahahir has placed our beloved Bolehland in the world map, however more for bad than good reasons. The last 22 years of his rule has seen the destruction of our education system – graduates unable to converse in proper English and ratings of our Universities plunging to the beyond 150 mark from the below 20 in the 1960s, given birth to the lopsided one race tidak-apa attitude civil service, the Lingamgate scandal, the Sabah-illegal-citizenship influx, and the list goes on and on. Races do not mix freely as they used to in the… Read more »

Stephen Doss

Hi Anil,

if you want to know I have received a few complaints from readers that their comments have been declined especially if they are critical of Dr M. In particular pls look at my reply to Dr M on RapidKL on my blog not only has he not responded, he has also ensured those who used my response to comment on his blog also did not see the light of day.

and Dr M complains why the MSM does not give him space… 🙂

raj raman666

anil, you should know well with donplaypuks the old man can be suddenly lapse is memmories and whenever people attack him he will lost is memory. Only good thing about him,he is great salesman and can changed his DNA. i dont know who can i trust-mahathir-abdullah or dreaming soon DSAI.Most of this three human have some kind of black record. Actually i dont see any solution for this corupted justice and cronies and i dont ever bet any of my last pennies to any politician. I have gone trou many bad times but this time i dont see a light… Read more »


Oh ya Anil, oleh kerana anda quote “Whichever way we look, most of us can now clearly feel the damaging impact of the Mahathir legacy – from the squandering of our oil resources on grandiose projects”. dan kebetulan pula kita sekarang sedang merasai keperitan membayar harga petroleum yang mahal, ingin saya hebahkan, baru-baru ini ada seorang individu (tycoon) yang sedang menikmati kekayaan dan kemewahan dari petroleum sehingga namanya disenaraikan di Forbes The Top 40 Richest Malaysians baru-baru ini. Sila refer fakta ini di; Jangan lupa untuk lihat siapa yang telah tersenarai sebagai tycoon yang menikmati peningkatan stock dalam industri… Read more »


Hanya komen yang baik-baik sahaja akan di ‘approve’ di blog TDM. Saya sedih, kerana mereka tidak telus. Walhal komen saya bukannya berbahasa kasar. Cuma mempersoalkan beberapa isu yang melibatkan beliau sendiri. Tetapi komen saya dicantas!

Tidak cukup dengan itu, saya juga mempertikaikan isu yang sama di forum (dimilik oleh Mukhriz dan dimonopoli oleh pengikut setianya dan ayahnya). Dengan serta merta saya di ‘ban’.

Mereka ini mengata AAB begitu pandai, tetapi apabila dipersoalkan beberapa fakta yang mencalit nama mereka, mereka bukan sahaja tidak bersikap terbuka dan telus malahan mengamuk tidak tentu hala dan memaki hamun pula.


All specific incidents cannot be recalled by his lordship, so what’s the point?


Who else is to be blamed by putting TDM and his gang there for the last 26 years? The rakyat. TDM has done his part for the country when he was at the helm. He did it so well but only to be exposed by his successor AAB whom he thought will listen to him. Alas then the rakyat realize that we were taken for a ride and found more and more worms creeping out from the 26 years of so called ‘industrialisation, modernisation and what not’ That’s what cause the GE12 tsunami and we the rakyat think it is… Read more »


The whole country and rakyat is suffering due to the past misdeeds of the PM. Still living in denial? If the government has the guts, just remove the OSA.

selvaraja somiah

After reading Justice Datuk Ian Chin’s statement, I’m even more confuse by his motives. I keep asking, “Why now Justice Datuk Ian Chin? Why now? You ought to have made a police report then.” I feel it is really a lame excuse to say that “We went to the possibility of making a police report or of writing to the Chief Justice a letter to record what he said over the telephone but in the end he decided against it since it would be his word against that of the Chief Justice.”It does not sound real. If, in fact his… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

It’s never easy even for judges to play
The Halloween game of ‘Treat or Threat?’
When they are quite at loss on how to pray
That they’ll survive the game of cat and rat

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120608
Thur. 12th June 2008.


Well i gave my 2 cents worth in Dr M’s blog and Dr Chua’s blog etc etc but they are all censored. So you know why they use the blogs? To brainwash the masses not as a blogger per se but to spin.

Same old m***** F*****s.!!!!


Whatever Mahatir has done in the past, right or wrong, i guess we should move on, whats more important is present, Tun’s sucessor, AAB,he was suppose to correct all whatever wrong doings of Tun, chaange the system for the better, and rewrite history, to be the first PM to change the mindset of the malays.Sadly he failed, even worst he will the biggest flop of the nation’s hope. As the PM he failed miserably to create an atmosphere where all races in this country is treated as one, MALAYSIANS. i for one fear for our children’s future. I believe that… Read more »


Tun M has certainly done some good for the country. But the bads, my gawd, our beloved country is still reeling from it. People, please remember that he is just a man. And old man, now. By nature, his days are numbers. His opinions and views are just that – opinions and views. Often vested with self-interest and peppered with selective amnesia and partial truths. People may find his quick wit and sarcasm entertaining and revealing. I used to think so too. But now, I find them nauseating and laughable. It is pitiful, really to see him still ranting, raving… Read more »



I had the same thought that you had, & that is that it’s all friendly comments on TDM’s blog….maybe Matthias Cheng is editing the blog on behalf…??…

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what TDM says now. If anything, I am only surprised that the MSM continues to publish this unabashed man’s comments & responses…I mean, for what?

Just as George Bush more or less screwed up the American economy, & thus the world at large, TDM is the ultimate legacy of bad governing that has been M’sia for the past 26 years.

Ronnie Tan

Of course Dr.M’s blog will only show all the good remarks about him.
I don’t think he will put up on his blog those comments that are critical of him or put him in a negative light.

There is no denying that Dr.M still have a loyal band of followers who agree with what he says- so they will continue to say good things about him on his blog & feed his Super Ego at the same time


My Dear Subject You know lah, apanama, when the belly-dancers wear that cloth (the veil) over their face like in Beirut & Lebanon, and then issue threats and warnings in front of ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ delegations from M’sia. Why, only last week there was such a M’sian delegation from City Hall, KL, in Munich & Toronto to study how to run cities efficiently. Lots of millions of $ of lawatan, but not much belajar. But don’t you dare make an issue of it, because I also can sue for defamation, splatter it all over my blog and I know all… Read more »