Live – Anwar acquitted!


In a stunning development, the High Court judge has acquitted Anwar after saying the court couldn’t be sure if the DNA samples had not been compromised.

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It sure was a pleasant surprise verdict for most of us nevertheless
we are all happy for Anwar, Wan Azizah and family now that he is a free man – physically and psychologically.

If you will agree, the biggest ‘casualty of the day’ must be Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) who is now left standing all alone, lost everything he stood for, friends included.

najib manaukau

The not guilty verdict is exactly what the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra want ! Just look at all the positive news it must have generated for the ruling partly all over the world, including praises from even the Malaysian opposition plus all the different organizations and most of all for Umno to claim that the judiciary is independent. Just look at the cascading claim the ministers are making in the last few days since the acquittal. Imagine the kind of publicity they will never ever be able to generate that millions of ringgit cannot and will never be able to… Read more »

Gerakan K

Don’t open your champagne now. Prosecutor can appeal the result just like Perak MB vs MB case.

Andrew I

Don’t worry Gherks, we’re not that stupid. You, of all people, should know that by now.

Andrew I

Really, Gherks. Here’s a sad song for you.


Spot on! Thanks for confirming the dirt in Umno/BN. Think we are that innocent arhh?


Remember the Perak MBs case?
Its not over, not yet. So, don’t lit your cigar and pops some champagne.
There’s this court of appeal hurdle.
And what type of another sinister plan in the making by setting off some explosions with minimal or controlled damages .

Andrew I

Yes, we know them too well.

ong eu soon

Now the sodomy case is thrown out. The war is not over yet, this is just a small victory of a battle. Will the police proceed to charge Anwar related to the alleged sex video? The judiciary should raise up to defend it’s independence and help bring changes to our political landscape.

Phua Kai Lit

“A truly great man is one whom
money and rank cannot corrupt,
poverty and hardship cannot shake,
and power and force cannot subjugate”

“The bars could not hold me;
Force could not control me now.
They try to keep me down, yeah!
But Jah put I around. Yeah!

Yes, I’ve been accused
And wrongly abused, now.
But through the powers of the Most-High,
They’ve got to turn me loose.

I’m a Duppy Conqueror, Duppy Conqueror!”
Bob Marley and the Wailers

Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian Duppy Conqueror !
(duppy = Jamaican English for malevolent/evil spirits)


The time is ripe now for the Malaysian Spring through the ballot box at the next GE 13. Let the voice of the people be heard and this corrupt Ammo, Najib & Barang Naik to finally Be End


Let’s vote for change!


In the euphoria remember this was a wicked BN plot to discredit Anwar and the opposition.


Thank you, Anil for keeping us up to date whenever it matters! And…..Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Suka ABU...

Syukur Alahamdulillah,,, berhati2 juga dgn fitnah2 lain yg akan menjelma…

Lui Fok Foy

Congratulations DSAI and family


thank goodness…justice prevails….TQ GOD and those who are persistently fight for justice..Rights prevails all the time…


What justice ??? The case should have been thrown out right from the beginning. There is no case at all in the first instance. A waste of public tax-payers money to drag the case for two … years to try a fabricated tale of illusion by a moron shafting up a plastic … for “syiok sendiri”


Pengshots just called, said she is stuck on the PlusHwy bumper-to-bumper near Rawang because of Police roadblock! Struggling and impossible to move.
It’s the Police who are making live hard for the people and messing up the situation, nothing to do with the crowd at the Court!


oops sorry, correct spelling ” hard for the people”