Live – Cross-examination of Saiful


Live updates of the much-anticipated cross examination of Saiful Bukhari in the Anwar trial today.

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How to prove sodomy occurred when penetration was effectively ruled out, not one but 4 different doctors?
Probably need to do a smell test … in court to confirm?


Much ado about nothing…. It’s a mockery. The world is again laughing at us. … Doctors have recorded that there was no penetration and yet some “excited” people want to proceed with the case. Why meet Najib? Why meet the police officer in a hotel? Then the event… The mainstream media as usual is helping these “excited” people. I pray that all Malaysians are smart enough to judge…


meet najib and cop on 24th
got sodomize on 26th… never (go to the toilet) for two days…..but i pergi sembayang jumaat….28th pergi (medical check) ….all doctor say no penetration … macam cerita lawak …


Are you kidding me huda?? He was traumatized?

Anyway, if a woman cries rape without producing any evidence of being rape,can the perp still be tried?


“He waited till the 28th because he was so traumatised he couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what to do(?)”

To do what???,.. all that you know he could be contemplating … fabulous narration, to be presented for our consumption…..


There is no PENETRATION confirmed by 3 HKL specialist and PUSRAWI medical assistant. FULL STOP!!


He don’t know what to do??? What a joke!! A guy can met up DPM and ASP 2 days ago but could not think straight and did not know what to do?? You really think the meeting with DPM and ASP on 24th is about scholarship? Use your head Huda!!


Today grilling by Karpal Singh was reported that there was no injuries due to lubricant. … This shows that Saiful must have volunteering agreed to have sex. If such the case, then Saiful must also be charged for an immoral sex


He waited till the 28th because he was so traumatised he couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what to do(?)

What la… that also you cannot figure out, ah?


Dear Ex-Det,

I have mentioned this many time before.

If you take Saiful’s semen and sprinkle that with Anwar’s DNA, you will get 2 DNAs in the semen.
One belonging to Saiful, the other Anwar.

Saiful’s DNA will be regarded as a contaminant (because the sample is taken off his body).
So every fool will (assume) the semen to be from Anwar.


Rodhwan and Najib was told the “problem” on 24th June and I assume Saifool does not have evidence on that time. But if DSAI did sodomise him on 26th, Saifool would have RUSH to inform Rodhwan and Najib the “good” news by filling police report/get medical check immediately. Why wait till 28th??? It does not make sense.


He should bare his anal region for the court to judge.


The dead elephant in the living room that Anwar’s persecutors are doing their darndest to ignore is the publicly known fact that Saiful Bukhari met Najib … AND ASP Rodhwan Yusof (… who was also involved in Sodomy I) before lodging his report. Any reasonable person will immediately (suspect) a political conspiracy and insist that the case be thrown out – or Najib … and ASP Rodhwan summoned as key witnesses.


ammm interesting. Let me see, Anwar has been charged for sodomy when the doctors are saying there was no penetration.

Anwar who is 62 years old with back pain problems wants to sodomise a young strong male kid in his twenties. Boleh ke ini?.

Sewel pun blur sikit.


Now I know. Saiful met Rodhwan dan Najib on the 24th Jun. According to the prosecution in Fed Crt, the swabs taken from Saiful anus contain semen from two person; one of which is Anwar. Whose the other…?

Funny, isn’t it? Sodomy on 26th Jun but Saiful met Rodhwan and Najib to complain about (what?) on 24th Jun. … Q. If Saiful had complained to Rodhwan … why no police report being made on the 24th so that a trap could be laid by the Police against Anwar; so that the act would have been recorded in video.


I hope Anil don`t delete this. It is not vulgar but to demonstrate that Anwar could not have sodomise Saiful. Try using your finger and poke into the anus. Your finger which is harder than an erected penis is still very hard to go into the anus. Anwar is 6o years on the day of the offence. At this age his penis even if erected would not be hard enough to penetrate the anus. Even if he take a 100 mg viagra, I believe at this age although its hard enough to penetrate the vagina, to penetrate the anus would… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

The fact is that 2 medical reports – one from Pusrawi and the other from HKL state that there was no penetration.

As an analogy, how can one claim to have been shot if there is no bullet hole ? You can show the gun, the bullet, gunpowder residue but if there is no bullet entry ie. evidence of a person being shot … has he /she been shot ?


Anwar is 62 years old. Saiful is a young 20+ guy. Does Anwar have that strength to force upon Saiful. Accordingly there is no mention of Anwar using drug to immobilize Sailful


Was there a penetration. No.
Then how can sodomy be committed when there is no penetration into the anus..? And yet the prosecution still wants to prosecute.

Yob Tualang Sekah


Are u a lawyer? If ur not, keep ur … comment(s) to urself n folo d proceeding. Tq Sir…


Syabas Yob, for keeping him shutttt!!, a first year law student perhaps.

chomelwangi & hubby

That boy (I do not wish to mention his name) He’s so arrogant and confident. What goes around comes around.


I just don’t understand. Sodomised on June 26 but met up with ASP Rodhwan in hotel on June 24 to discuss his problem?


delayed tactics again, crossexamine is nothing to do with saksi lah..


i expect the famous peguam tunda of anwar will delay the trial…simply because Anwar (allegedly) don’t want people konw the truth