Live – Cross-examination of Saiful continues


More live updates on the cross-examination of Saiful Bukhari during the trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

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Saiful told the court he see Najib to tell him the problem. If that is the case then every Malaysian who have been sodomised or someone have been raped, please see Najib at his house or office. Where did the 3 Aduns, Hee and 2 order go to after they were reported missing. Well well in najib house. … isnt` it. Then we don`t need the police anymore


Aduh, DSAI 60 years old already…

… If it is consensual sex, then both should be charged, right?…


… How can there be sodomy when there is no penetration?

From the first day of cross examination, you can see contradictions already. You cannot hatch a perfect lie. And Saiful’s anus needs to be carefully re examined.

This trial has again put Malaysia on the world map, all for the wrong reasons!

Gerakan K

Sudahlah. Berani buat berani tanggung ajelah. Pusing-pusing nak tipu masa. Pilihanraya ke-13 terlalu lama nak sampai. Bazir wang, masa, dan tenaga. Benda kotor biar cepat berlalu.


Gerakan K,

… Apa yang sebenarnya yang kau nak komen? Saya langsung tak paham ni!…

Jom sertai PAS!


Saiful Bukhari has nothing to loose…. Only the Datukship may slips away. UMNO .. GAME about OVER. The
whole world is watching how stupid and crude … NOW PR HAS TO FIXED THOSE …