Live – Anwar trial; Demo in Penang


And so the Anwar trial continues – while over in Penang, demonstrators protest at what they perceive to be selective enforcement action against illegal Malay hawkers and food-stall operators, an allegation the local government denies.

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As an ordinqary I wished the peaceful and friendly intellectual malaysian to ponder a while why is that we Malaysian like too much of Politicking rather than developing this beautiful country.Forget about the roots whether you are black,orange yellow or white,
Other country are progressing and we are retarding till investor runaway.
lET GET THINGS DONE mere talk would not likely to hold you any longer.
If LGE does not perform,very simple topple him and get another clown to run this country.


Dear Kee

I can live with that (LGE busy – but my assemblyman is busy too) let’s wait till I back from overseas as my parent told me never seen them for a long long time (2008 GE)

Come on Gerakan K, you cannot give better views or feedback to fine tune the state government rather than always only provide utter rubbish from your mouth. Are u a Penangtie? One of Anil guideline in the blog is to provide alternative or positive view on negative reaction.


Brova Karma, i agree with you absolutely… But do you know there are still a lot of blind Penangnites crying for Gerakan/BN to come back to ruin them… Some people are just born bodoh what to do? By the way, L H Tan, let me tell you, i think we must not expect Lim Guan Eng to reply us personally. He is a v v busy person la. I did write to DAP about how dirty Pulau Tikus was and i did see improvement when i went back to Penang after that. So, please dont be so ego that Lim… Read more »

Gerakan K

Surprise surprise surprise! What kind of fairy tales you have told us. There was improvement after being told to do so? We don’t need such stump/”kayu” government. Anyway I don’t buy your story.


O. It really does not matter to me whether he is black, brown or yellow so long as he/she is capable, fair-minded and can deliver. Nizar proves to be one. You know at that time my friends some of them were not happy because a PAS candidate was picked to be the Perak MB but i said, never mind, so long as he has the quality, and indeed Nizar had proven himself to be one. And, today, he is especially well loved by the Chinese community. I am sure DAP will not mind to have people like Nizar and Khalid… Read more »


Kee, Thank you for your reply. It takes a fellow reader and his comment that so and so is associated with what to wake me up. Such wolves in sheeps clothings are more dangerous than the real enemy. Musuh dalam selimut! Perlu berjaga jaga. Well, really, for us in PAS, we trust the DAP more than MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Hindraf or whatever. The DAP had over the years provened that they can be relied upon and are not trouble makers, more team players. Our views cannot be echoed more by MB Nizar, just listen to what comes out from the… Read more »


Protest in Penang? Why? These few frustrated people are a nuisance to our society. Sorry, Penangites are not foolish to listen to their stories. Lim Guan Eng is doing a fantastic job in Penang. He may be a Chinese by origin, but who helmed Penang before Lim? A Chinese or a non-Chinese? How about before that? Let’s not talk about race and religion without much thought given to it. Let’s support those who can deliver honestly. The “cari makan” type of supporters and politicians have no place in Penang. Sorry for these opportunists. WE SHALL SUPPORT PAKATAN AND WE SHOULD… Read more »


Dear Anil In my opinion, this is a fair blog. A few people such as Gerakan K, Iron is pro BN and others well you know and I know. In summary – IRON would like Penang to become a slump area….. a state without law where anything goes. You can erect stall anywhere you like as long as did not block traffic. Where MPPP going to earn income for their coffers. Well let say if IRON stay in a DSTH, at night a burger stall open everyday will he / she happy as despite they will clean up but people… Read more »


If there is any Chinese in DAP the Malays can trust, that would be Lim Guan Eng. After all, not a single Malay politician came to the aid of a Malay grandmother whose grand daughter was (allegedly) raped by a senior Malay politician. Guan Eng was sentenced to 18 months in jail for this pursuit of justice and lost his means of livelihood as an MP, including his pension.


I cannot understand why Ibrahim and UMNO (supporters) want to demonstrate in Komtar with lies. That area is at least 80% Chinese. Those idiots are ensuring a zero chance to Gerakan in regaining that seat.


“This gathering is not a racial gathering. I am here to defend the Bumiputera”
My great fear is that one day an equally lucid NGO would come up with a category they claimed I am a member of and would use it as justification to tell the world they speak for me.


Whether it is racial or not, one thing is for sure, it is politically motivated. If it is not racial, then these NGOs should have protested for all, whether Chinese, Indian, Malays & others, whose stall s that have been demolished not just Malay.


Good one…………Tan Jo:)

Tan Jo


Something I find funny:

All around the world, protesters express distaste and hate towards individuals by burning effigies of them. Yet in Penang protest last week, M’siakini reported that the protesters burnt their own memorandum of protest along with LGE’s effigy..

guess they didn’t like their own memorandum as well =P


They’re moving on to Penang after failing to meet the deadline to retake Selangor…

Keep an eye out, these people might want to heat things up here…


They robbed Perak;

They ransacked Selangor even to the extent Teoh Beng Hock lost his life;

Now, they kacau Penang… They bully Lim Guan Eng…

Dont forget, God is watching !!!

p/s Iron, dont you realise illegal stalls do create traffic congestion, just because your favourite stall has to be relocated, so you are throwing tantrum here. This is the attitude of Penang people as what they care about is their own convenient.


Plus damage to the environmental through indiscriminate disposal of rubbishes

With rats & flies coming in, possibility of having all kinds of commutable diseases

I believe the Great Anil would be well aware of this


Kee, I agree with you absolutely that all in PR should work hand in glove to ensure absolute victory. Do you agree that PAS be given more seats in Penang to contest come the next election? As it is, Malays now form the majority in Penang, and PAS as a national party should be given more exposure in this State? In 2020, most seats in the peninsular will be Malay majority seats, so it definitely makes sense that PAS as the second largest Muslim party be given more exposure to win the hearts of the non-Malays. I have mentioned many… Read more »



burning of effigy is not UMNO’s culture, rite?

thought the UMNO ministers said so.

darn, cakap tak serupa bikin. tellme something new , UMNO.

Dr. Pang HC

UMNO is reverting to 1969 by invoking religious and racial issues in order to gain Malay support.

Sadly, this underhanded tactic still works.

Gerakan K

So far I noticed that PR under heavy attacks–Anwar, PKR internal rift, LGE, PAS (the Disciplinary Committee judgment), etc. PR not only bleeding, but under multiple stroke attacks. A comatose patient on the way. Don’t talk about next GE, maybe they also cannot survive current term. Let’s see what happen to Perak next.

p/s: PR supporters out there, this blog owner has proven a true PR die-hard supporter. Perhaps they should “sayang” him more.


Hello Gerakan K, You are being unfair with your comments, when the blog owner highlighted KBP, PICC, Botanical Gardens, PISA etc, you were shouting your throat hoarse in agreement and delight, and now, when he is highlighting the DSAI trial, you say he is a true PR supporter! Where is the logic, bro? I must agree that those PKR folks are creating too much problem. It will be good if these people are voted out. Hope BN wins a few seats more at the expense of PKR, so there will be less trouble makers! But, where are the seats going… Read more »


Let me ask you few questions. What would you do if you were LGE, facing those demonstrators? Don’t tell me none of these would happen under Gerakan?

What happen to the torn KOH TSU KOON picture by UMNO? And Zahid Hamidi calling Gerakan especially KOH TSU KOON to be replaced as Penang BN chief?

Do you know that UMNO did press for Penang chief ministership during the tenure of Lim Chong Eu in the 80s? It was DAP who save you…


Gerakan K,
If LGE & PR cannot survive this term, its is very obvious. The current government under BN_UMNO & Najib (turn a blind eye to) corruption … to stay in power (while) their cronies … siphon of millions of the people resources. And the same goes to Gerakan K, who … is willing to sacrifice whatever dignity he has…

No matter what !!, PR and the people who treasure good governance, transparency and a corrupt free society will solder on and kick out this cancer stricken UMNO once and for all….

Free Malaysian

The ongoing events are part of UMNO’s grand plan to create dissatisfaction & unrest in Penang to overthrow the state government. I stay in Selangor & have seen numerous stalls owned by non-Malays pulled down all the time. Did the non-Malays go around protesting & burning effigy of the MB? We are not so blind as not to see through the works of these bigots.


Gerakan K,

This report about UMNO/BN sums it all. For your reading pleasure.

Cheers bro.


Anil, you said: “One journalist told me that Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik did come down to receive the memo from the organisers on behalf of the chief minister, but he was verbally abused and even chased back. The journalist said he even heard a couple of people in the crowd shouting, “Pukul!“” So? Just because people shouted pukul, does that make it a “Pukul” event ? Just because people protested against Lim Guan Eng, does that make those people … or something? I don’t get you, Anil. Why are you trying to make this a black and… Read more »


Mr. Anil, You should have reported the ceramah at Seberang Jaya on Wednesday night, where a crowd estimated at 10,000, made up mainly of Malays. It was great to see them hoisting DAP flags and the Chinese and Indians hoisting PAS and PKR flags. The crowd though was 80% Malays, and held in the UMNO stronghold of Arif(?) Shah at the exposition area in Seberang Jaya. It looks like this UMNO stronghold will fall come the next GE, by the reactions of the crowd. Despite the blitz of bad faiths and reportings in the MSM and the sandiwaras of the… Read more »


Anil, I believe that the state government would look into the matter. Perhaps, one should start publication of the state budget to see if such scheme is available. However, like it or not, such scheme going to be limited due to the size of the budget. Less than 500 millions plus reserve the most is 1.5 billion. (Correct me if I am wrong) Anil, Look through history. LKY & his magnificient team faced the same problem as LGE is facing. Then, Singapore’s reserve was USD 1 billion in 1965. Unless Penang state government is willing to raise money through 1)… Read more »


Dear Anil, Your “state govt come up with more conducive alternative sites for those affected as well as loan schemes” is not much different from the one that has been carried out by the BN government — same wine, different bottles. Same kind of “Big Brother Lead The Way” type of programs. Rather than encourage the citizenry to launch their own private initiatives, it’s “Government do this, government do that” and end up government bulldozing stalls, hurting the people rather than helping them. The problem is that the Penang state government under Lim Guan Eng is performing, in some ways,… Read more »


Iron, So like you said since it did not block or create any sampah, you can just simply put up a stall. Do you know what you are talking. If that is the case, I would just love to put up a stall or as many any where else as long as it did not block the road or create any sampah. And it is free rental. As a matter of fact all stalls whether legal or illegal should be cleared of the road. This is what 52 years of BN & KTK Gerakan governance have created such a BIG… Read more »


And one more thing, Anil — when did I play any racial angle in this case?

Stop erecting strawman, Anil.

I clearly mentioned “small business owners”, and did I say “Malay small business owners” ?

No !

I point to the fact that one place I used to go makan is near the Tesco Glugor area, and happened to own by a Malay.

Is that “playing racial angle”?

What? I can’t even mention any stall now?

Is that it?

DAP is so draconian that they can bulldoze other people’s stall and no one can mention anything about anything?


Anil, It is good to see all the noises created by certain PKR assemblymen… who are making the noises. It is all PKR who are creating the trouble nationwide, especially in PR held states when the assemblymen interests are not taken care of. So the question is, are the assemblyman fighting for their own or for the party or for the rakyat? The votes for DAP and PAS are steadfast from the look of things. The more those people esp. UMNO baru, tried to make use of this troublesome assemblymen, the more resolute the people are to vote for change.… Read more »


Doesn’t it strike you, Anil, that certain kakis from DAP are as arrogant as those from UMNO? They bullied everyone once they got to the seat of power, like they have always done to their own comrades inside their own party. They never understand the meaning of teamwork, they never work as a team. All they know is to backstabbing whoever is working with them, sabotaging everything. If PKR can play fair with DAP in Selangor, you think DAP can play fair with PKR in Penang, right? Wrong ! For DAP, it’s “MY WAY OR HIGHWAY“. See how that person… Read more »


We are hearing about all the Budget cuts for schools. At the same time there was a proposal for Sex Education in Schools and National Services camps.
So the Govt had decided to multi-task and provide an ALL-IN-ONE solution. Once every 10 years… Just about the time a child spends in Primary / Secondary school. Imagine the amount of $$ saved, and that too with multimedia interactive information dissemination.


Does anyone get a feeling there is a frenzy going on with UMNO/UMNO agents?… They are getting really caught up with going negative against the opposition and not even bothering to defend their failings as they also appear at the same time.

… The problem is the other party is NOT playing their game. They are doing it ALONE..Its not real.. .

Seriously, everything is falling short for UMNO/BN as they launch attack, after attack.

Honestly, things are going quite well for PR and Anwar but its only the first round…


Good one, Phua Kai Lit

I forgot we are in Bolehland…where things move in a reverse direction! Thanks for reminding me…to long out of the country la..


one thing for sure … much higher viewership than American Idols …


… Well done to the PDRM in Penang! Let those in the PRDM in the other states follow.

Phua Kai Lit

Hi wandererAUS

This is sex education, Malaysian-style!

Here we do not teach it properly through the schools.
We use the Main Stream Media and the courts to teach it.