Live – Karpal applies to disqualify judge


The Anwar trial continues but is then abruptly adjourned to tomorrow after Karpal Singh applies for the judge to be recused.

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If a judge feels that he cannot be impartial, he should recuse himself. This would reflect the integrity of a judge. Karpal has brought up an issue that has enlightened the legal and the non-legal minds. We lack lawyers of his calibre these days. Karpal’s great mind is what I envy. At least, the people can now understand that a case has to be judged ‘in the court of law’ and it’s not for the media to become the judge and to form public opinions to confuse the people. The media and the court should not do a parallel job,… Read more »

Gerakan K

The game is over. You can delay it a while but not forever. Be a man, face it.


Shall we bend down while you plunder, Gerakan K?


Its not about delay. Its about a judge (whether the judge) is biased (or not)… (If he is), he need to be disqualified.


This is not a game, a dangerous situation we are in today – (if a judge is) biased (he is) not a JUDGE… and has to be replaced!


like updates


Anil, is there an International Body to deal with dodgy courts in a country that practice favoritism siding with the ruling govt… with verdicts that were sub-par and glaringly disgraceful…