Live – Anwar trial continues


The cross-examination of Saiful continues with the defence also producing Dr David Wells, a forensics expert from Australia.

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This case is getting … Moronic!
Does our judicial use an iota of commonsense and independent judgement?
Even an (idiot) knows what is penetration, when to penetrate, how to penetrate and what is not penetration!
The law of the natural jungle is much better!


Why waste time … making a fool of Malaysia in the eyes of the World. Just jail Anwar and close the Case and let the country move on towards the next GE and the Super Tsunami.


You can bring the best lawyers, the best medical experts, at the end of the day, Anwar is (probably) going to lose the trial and will be jailed.

Understanding the state of our judiciary, when have you seen a PR lawmaker winning his or her case? And in Anwar’s case, it is plain (to many) from day 1 that there is no penetration…

And the contradictory charges, from sodomy to consensual… aah, just sickening!


No sign of physical penetration… Semen still clearly visible and moist after 3 days. Warm incubator, I presume.
2 days did not release load. And yet when the Dr started inserting probes and other devices inside his anus – no s*** came (shot) out, only semen, still fresh.
Wonder if Saiful’s anus was artificially inserminated?


(would) the final verdict (be) this(?): semen found, saiful identified owner of semen as anwar, therefore yes, proof beyond reasonable doubt anwar is guilty?


Saifool, i mean Saiful seems to be caught between a igneous rock boulder and a granite mountain.

But he is not my concern. …

There are some screaming evidences being highlighted here….

Justice for you Malaysian style….