Live – Karpal grills Saiful


Another day in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim as Karpal continues cross-examining Saiful.

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Only stupid nuts believe this case is genuine. Bring Azizan the ‘former Anwar victim’ to tell his ‘experience’ on the first place.


Ever heard of date rape? When your girlfriend says no, it means no lah. But men take no as a yes. Ini Anwar sama dia punya (alleged) boyfriend (could be) macam tu lah. Izin dalam paksa, no consent but also no struggle.


He did not wash AND think its OK to go to work the next day among dignataries and press people? All those people, no one noticed he should be stinking and handling their food and drinks?


So was he sodomized against his will now? How many times was he sodomized? Would anybody with brains go back to the person who had raped them over and over again?


we are the laughing stock of tyhe world and just imagine the mentality of those–incredible.


… how can this guy who claims frequent sodo-me can ‘tahan’ for 2 days?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
YB Karpal Singh should ask Dr m .. 2 check whether that (Saiful) got any (problem) or not after 2 days no …. 😳


As Saiful’s cross examination is in camera, they should examined the anus and see whether it had been penetrated. And also they need to check the circumference of the penetrating object. Then measure it against DSAI to see whether it fits.

But, then again, there is no guarantee that bigger objects may have penetrated. Ai yah, very susah!


Coffee, Tea, or Sodo-Me?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho 😆
Predictable those … will says NO to the defendence as this sodoMICE 2 DRAMA (appears) political motivated…


This is unbelievable! Just imagine your anus get ….. and to keep the semen/fluid intact, you need to ‘tahan’ yourself … all the evidence will be flush/rub clean by the exiting excreta. Also you need to dry-clean your anus after the call of nature, which also effectively clean off the evidence.
So did Saiful s… for the 2 days after the claimed ‘sodo-me’? God knows.


Hold your breath !!!…
Guess the name really fits him Saiful…


… The trial is just a circus to give everybody the impression that there is justice in Malaysia.


Hi Anil,
how can Saiful ‘simpan bukti’ for so long in his ‘rear’. I mean if the guy even ‘kentut’ all the bukti is blown away. heh heh heh heh.


It’s amazing, really, I know this Saiful guy from my sekolah menengah. He was a junior. In school, he was well-known for being … arrogant … and has an ego-attitude problem. So now he is an infamous celebrity alumni. Guess he enjoys all the attention he is getting from the bigwigs of this country.

Gerakan K

Saiful maybe is the victim in this case. Why demonise him as arrogant and has attitude problem ???

Kesianlah sama mangsa


Do you know that I happened to know a real sexual assault victim and she happens to remember the date she was assaulted and scars and bruises for prove? Anyway why would anybody who had been sodomized without consent many times would still want to be near the alleged perpetrator? If your had been rape Gerakan would you still go near the person who raped you?


mintak tolong explain apa makna “camera session” ? sidang media ke?


Stay of proceeding means “penggantungan prosiding”,
in other words to suspend the proceeding.


Would appreciate if someone could explain the meaning of “stay of proceedings”



This trial is a freaking laughing stock….