Live – Anwar trial continues


The judge has denied Karpal’s request to produce Saiful’s witness statements in court as the defence applies to impeach Saiful.

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mohd shariffuddin

Dear God The All Mighty , Please do help us now because our leadership have all betray us by taking us all into alot more continous trouble one after another and cover it with deceptions and more lies because of their greed just to remain in power.
Please get us all out of this nonsence and not lost hope

mohd shariffuddin

Lies…..lies…lies.Don,t they ever get fed up with more lies everyday.Lies that is beyond logic ..and still they expect people to just swallow every thing without question.we are all doomed to the drain because all this while we all just look and do nothing to stop this rot except agreed to their cosmetic changes

mohd shariffuddin

all is definitely terribly lost in our justice system Anwar trial will definitely look bad on our justice system now …with our country is in trouble in every department of goverment i wonder if we will really recover from all this nonsence, everyday something new and crazy being done by the goverment and all those lies seems to top it all.Sadly we can only dream of an honest goverment now..


It is an extremely abnormal act by denying the defendant (anwar) a copy or access to the police report.
This can mean that the police (may) have the time to amend changes to saiful’s report to suit their (master’s?) whims and fancies .
The public will deem such an act is happening if the judge disallow a copy of it to the defendant.

Gerakan K

Geli !

Sesal dahulu berpendapatan

Sesal kemudian tiada guna


This judge don’t have basic first procedural law course? Firstly, the defense is entitled to ALL police statement but now even after proving that the statement is critical to the defense, the judge denied it again….


But why is the LIVE reporting still stuck at 1424hrs? Nothing is progressing?


If I’m ever in trouble, I wonder if I would be able to get the same treatment like Saiful got?


shonk sekali la this trial.

IGP’s name was mentioned; Najib’s name being mentioned, Senator Ezams name mentioned.

Karpal Singh chairman of DAP is head of defence team, Anwar Ibrahim who is leader of the opposition is the defendent.

Apa lagi kita mau. want to do work also susah la Anil. Always checking your site for the latest news.


It’s official, Football betting legalized, license reportedly issued yesterday!

Syabas 1Malaysia, all can gamble!

Gerakan K

You cannot !!! Muslim cannot gamble. Don’t mislead the readers !!!


“Judge says AG has discretion to frame lesser charge although strong evidence against accused”. It is not a lesser charge as both consensual (377B) and non-consensual sodomy (377C) carries 20 years max imprisonment. For 377C prosecution must show element of force – either physical or victim is put in fear of his life. For 377B prosecution only need to prove that sodomy took place. The charge must match what actually took place or it is manifestly unfair to the defendant. For 377C the alleged victim will co-operate with authorities and testify against the defendant. For 377B the prosecution must find… Read more »