Live – Anwar trial


Another day in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

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(I predict) Anwar will be guilty no matter what: the best legal brains, the best medical doctors, the best definitive alibi, the conclusive evidence of doctors, all evidence pointed to an acquital, but, the court (will probably rule) the other way. Mark my words.

… doctors cannot identify penetration even after observation. But, then again, he said he used KY. Can KY be such a wonderful lubricant? I do not think so.

This … trial should be stopped as soon as possible to save Malaysia from further humiliation in the international front!…


Sigh sigh sigh !!!

It is all about Saiful’s beautiful ASS !!!

No wonder this beautiful land is going bankrupt in 9 years, pretty soon…

Please save our beautiful land by exercing a stroke of the pen in the next GE, and send BN out once and for all. Puji Allah !!!

God, please save Malaysia !!!


kah..kah..kah..quick..damn very quick!