Live – Anwar on trial, yet again


If “irrelevant” was the buzzword from the first sodomy trial, today’s testimony by key prosecution witness Saiful Bukhari provides a new, if off-colour, catch phrase.

Anwar is mobbed as he leaves court – Photo by Tian Chua

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k c low

… It can only happen in Malaysia. DSAI, do not worry if you loose ….

But the 13GE is round the corner, and this time the Rakyat will call the shot.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

The problem with continuous lying is that after a while the liar forgets what he/she has told and contradicts himself/herself.
Especially if coached by others.

Gerakan K, yes, I am a fan of ex-convicts.
Plenty of ex-convicts in the inspiring history of
Third World nations and peoples struggling to free themselves of colonialism and the neocolonialist
regimes that replaced them (or were put into office by the departing colonialists). Have you read
Frantz Fanon? Or do you even know who he is?
Also, go read up on Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, Mohandas Gandhi and so on.


ha ha ha i cant help but laugh it off when reading the comments from you guys especially O’s “cement”… I shall leave it to the defence team… Saiful just sounds fake to me even though i would like to believe him… If BN’s time is up, it is up no matter how you play it. It will be back fired… If Anwar were to be thrown in jail just like the first time, he will gaarner more support from his supporters… If he were to be discharged because the case is not sustainable, he will be made a hero.… Read more »


… Sai-ful is really, full of ….


If Saiful was still a virgin, he would have instinctively purged after being sodomised. Same logic as to why we put soap inserts into the anus of those who constipated to induce passing of motion. How to have traces of sperm left if Saiful already passed motion? Moreover, there was no evidence of penetration by an object when a doctor examined him after the alleged incident. What the prosecution probably meant was there there were traces of Anwar’s DNA in Saiful’s anus. DNA is not automatically sperm. DNA can be easily planted. For sperms, some ingenuity will be needed, like… Read more »


How to have traces of sperm left if Saiful already passed motion?

USA can produce Avatar – an entire species that exists only on screen.

Meanwhile, Malaysia too can produce something with equal incredible ability…

Phua Kai Lit

South Africa has Nelson Mandela,
Malaysia has Anwar Ibrahim.

Gerakan K

You are the fan of ex-convicts. Malaysia also has LGE.

Ong Eu Soon

When objecting to the evidence in the police report, Karpal pointed out that the last sodomy incident took placed at 6pm, but the charges stated at earlier hour. The persecutor rebuked that a few incidents of sodomy took placed at that day. I really admired Anwar if that is true; he surely has such a great sexual power even with his back pain still persisted. By the way, I know Anwar is such a busy body that he has no time for trivial issues. How can he managed to meet so many people at different places and still can indulge… Read more »

raja saya

He did not consent lag he was VODOOed !

Andrew I

As the late Yasmin taught us how to answer, if he is Saiful before, is he Semenful now?


if US can make Avatar, M’sia can make Sodomy…..

hot issue in US, no budget for moon, here whether penis go back way or not…


They found the semen two days after … They found it two days later, get it? I think they were referring to cement, even cement will dry up so hard after two days. Really does not make sense. Another thing is Saifool said, Anwar asked him, Can I @#%$# you? He does not like it, yet he proceeded to change and came out with a towel? Now, yet there was no penetration! … Now is this sodomy or consensual sex if at all what Saifool said is true? If it is consensual sex and both DSAI and SAifool are Muslims… Read more »


I am appealing to Syed Ibrahim and all the PKR central committee member to STOP campur tangan in the PKR – DAP feud in Penang. The more you guys campur tangan, the more local PKR rank and file will get pissed off. Before you guys want to get involve, please come, listen to what the local PKR rank and file have to say. Listen to them, PKR central committee, listen to what DAP, under Lim Guan Eng, is doing to PKR in Penang. Get the feel first before issuing “gag orders” or whatever, because you guys can NEVER stop Penangites… Read more »

Gerakan K

hello blog owner,

*pissed off* is the banned word (in the past, now being relaxed?). Replace it *put off*


Iron, Of course lah. For a political party command 2 setas more than DAP with 1 MBship plus 4 Excoships & 1 deputy speaker……Must treat DAP well lah Iron, I think you should stay clear from PKR Penang internal squabbles. It’s Mansor vs Zahrain. Period. Why Zahrain freak out? Ask Anwar. He is the one who strip Zahrain of his Penang PKR chairmanship. Zahrain was given Datuk Seriship… What more does he want?… And Tee Beng was complaining because he didn’t receive allocation from the state. You complain about Penang spending excessive money on PICC. With limited funds, how would… Read more »


Few of us discussed and admitted that to penetrate the anus of a person by force is so difficult…


Especially when it is so dry!

Gerakan K

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The collapse of the pact begins with “Can I f*** you”.


Gerakan K,

Agree with you. These rascals are ensuring the demise of the BN Government. And Sai Fool’s “Can I @#$@$# you,” is the the first step!

Have you ever said to your loved ones or the opposite sex “Can I @##$#@##$ you”, ever before? Crude and silly is it not? Have you ever, Gerakan K? Do you believe this drama…?


… I don’t know what to say for Gerakan K. Either he’s an imbecile…


Note that Saiful claimed that he was forcefully sodomized (raped) in the Oath he took in the mosque.
Here in the courts, the charges is that he consented to it, and decided to become the “informer”


Dr M, James Cameron’s Avatar is nothing compared to this … international shame made in Msia!


Prosecuter tells they have evidence of semen belongs to anwar!….wow when these ppl got anwar`s semen…trial has just began….


Hakim Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah…Augustine Paul II in the making.