Live – Anwar goes to court


Anwar is back in court for yet another trial widely referred to as Sodomy II, a decade after his first sodomy trial.

Saiful gives a press conference outside the courtroom – Photos by Tian Chua

The crowd outside the courtroom

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To Gerakan K.
To me Buah Pala is a secondary issue. First issue, and nobody wants to talk about is, why was the land sold to a Malay koperasi and subsequently sold to the developer. To me and to you too Gerakan K, is the big issue. Get that nit-wit.?

anak permatang pauh


… If he (Anwar) did (it), whether he was framed, etc, etc, does not matter.


A “raped” or “sodomised” “victim” coming out to tell all so explicitly? Willing to disclose what happened to her or him in public? Willing to be shown on a wide screen telling what happened for people to know and digest? Allowing the media to carry out the sensation without protest? Some media too eager to expose everything too soon? Never in the history of “true rape or sodomy” has this happened before. Perhaps, the next print of the Guiness Book of World Record should have this included.


Can a person not go to toilet for two days? Does a person not wash himself for two days? Does a person not take a bath for 2 days? Does a person not wash himself or herself after sex? Never heard of these before….


More than anything else, this trial actually shows Najib’s impotence within even his own party. The reason this trial is going on is because (some people) think that putting Anwar into jail will cripple PKR and PR. Its simply the wrong premise. PR AND even PKR has gotten bigger than Anwar. While there is chance PKR and PR could disintegrate, its not for sure and even if it does happen, won’t happen quickly. Both DAP and PAS have found a way to work together although less comfortably without Anwar. If the feuding faction within PKR, and its just within PKR… Read more »


The world leaders are watching, and Malaysia cannot afford to be black-listed. If there is a miscarriage of justice here, there is so much to lose for the rakyat.
FDI and all sorts of foreign projects would be impacted.
BN losing sight of the forest among the trees.


Malaysia haa become popular for the wrong reason. We have never learnt enough. Soon the economy is going to slump. Investors are not coming. Capitals are flowing out. As for Lim Guan Eng, he is one of the best CM we have ever had in the country. The mainstream media will put him down, yes. This is politics. Lim shines and Pakatan will prevail in Penang. Let’s not be carried away by all the MSM propaganda. LIM is an exemplary leader. Emulate him, and Malaysia will be a success story.

Gerakan K

Please don’t emulate him. More villages will be flatten (remember Kg Buah Pala ??? ). No allocation for MP/ADUN for his/her constituency. Massive FDI will be rejected without a thorough fight. One PR MP said he is communist minded. I’m very scare you know.

Gerakan K

After “SodoMee 1”, someone had been threw to jail and then DrM grandly retired. Nothing happened. After “SodoMee 2″…

There is simple solution, just jump with a group of frogs and everything will be OK.


i feel sick in the stamuck…the truma of 1998-1999 is still fresh in my mind and to think that i and so many others have to go through it again is just depressing & sickening…..

is there any more hope in this country???…


… if I’m right, UMNO factions … have badly misread Malay sentiments for no one looks too kindly or take lightly allegations of sodomy.

… terima kasih again, job well done as Liwat Take 2 is only going to splatter over …

Gerakan K

Game over.


Gerakan K,

Dream on. … to syiok BN, especially for Gerakan and UMNO only, trust me. Now you can never know what is real and what is being played out.



Gerakan K,

The game is temporary out of order,but not over yet.
rift is good, even better than the hopeless repetitive parrot….


The defence should also subpoena Najib and Rosmah as witnesses. He should also subpoena Mumtaz Jaafar, alleged to be godmother of Saifool and also special aide to Rosmah. Then only it can be a fair trial.


Dear Anil, Please do a piece on the rift between PKR and DAP in Penang. The majority of PKR rank and file have have enough of the way DAP is treating them, although most of them won’t say anything on the record, privately they will tell you of how kurang ajar DAP has become. No, not only the Malay members of PKR are feeling that way, even the Chinese members of PKR Penang already fed up with DAP. Don’t get me wrong, Anil. Doing a piece on the rift between PKR and DAP is not for the benefit of BN,… Read more »


Iron, Let me say my piece. The troube with PKR is that, it is top heavy with exUMNO Baru, warlords and generals. They continue to carry out running things and throwing their weight around like the UMNO Baru days in PKR. Those non-Malays are mainly from disgruntled MCA, MIC, Gerakan people. These people had already been imbued with the “ketuanan mentality”. They are too scared to voice their disagreements even when they do not agree. They choose to keep quiet. To them whatever these exUMNO warlords say, it is correct. Just like what happened in MCA, MIC and Gerakan. And… Read more »


Perhaps it would be worth tackling the allegation made by Tan in:–the-malaysian-insider

and perhaps compare differing experiences of MPs in different states? I thought Tan’s allegation was very interesting – it made TMI’s blatant editorial posturing (I like Iron’s “my way or the highway” – TMI’s editorial is like that) even more surprising! That story deserves a decent re-write by a proper journalist.


I can sense that many are associating PKR with UMNO. While partly true, you guys have simplified this crisis too much. You must understand the way the Malays think. It’s not UMNO, it’s the Malay’s worldview. In the Malay tradition, the leaders (Penghulu, Ketua, Pegawai, Pengarah, Raja, Sultan) have absolute power. Even children walking in front of their parents have to bow down, stretch one hand to the ground, before passing through. It’s a sign of absolute respect for the elders / leaders. I do not know where you guys have lived all your lives, and if you guys have… Read more »



How come you NEVER tell us about your PKR kawan’s comments on your Kulim MP in this blog? Or they to ashame and have nothing to say except to take someone as whipping boy on other matters?


I am talking about Penang.

That (guy) is from Kulim.

And last time I checked Kulim isn’t part of Penang.