Lawyer: Charges against PSM 30 dropped!


Are elections on the horizon? Charges against the 30 activists have been dropped, according to a lawyer involved in the case.

According to MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, another lawyer in the case had received an email from the DPP to say that all charges had been dropped. It’s a DNA – “discharge not amounting to an acquittal”. Jeyakumar is requesting an official letter to confirm this.

The 30 activists were due to face charges under the Societies Act (for promoting an “illegal society”) and the ISA (for possession of “subversive” material) at the Butterworth Court on 10-14 October. It now seems unlikely that Arau Police will add sedition charges. (Some of the PSM activists had earlier been asked to go to Perlis to give a statement to police to assist in investigations.)

On 15 September, Najib announced that the ISA would be repealed. And today, the Malaysian Insider reported that the Najib administration had apparently hired Tony Blair’s public relations team. But the Najib administration faces an uphill task in restoring lost credibility. As one activist said, “Even the fence-sitters have got off and gone to the other side.”

In any case, the dropping of charges, if confirmed, is a most welcome development. An official apology, however, is due to the 30 activists for their incarceration without trial and for the ludicrous allegations made against them such as “waging war against the king”.

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21 Sep 2011 10.30pm

This sums up my wariness for this feel good factor:
a one way ticket of broken promises (and heart-ache), Barang Naiki All The Way and U-turn surprises.

19 Sep 2011 5.44pm

The longer Najib wait, the worst it will be. Its simply not in his control. If he wait, the possibility of UMNO/BN losing because scaringly real and he (could) be jailed or even worst. He really has no choice.

Abd Wahid
Abd Wahid
19 Sep 2011 5.41pm

Tonight is a test of loyalty, or rather which hero you worship more.

At 10pm tonite, RTM2 is showing P. Ramlee’s Hang Tuah while TV3 is showing Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon.

Which one would you choose to watch?

p/s: don’t tell me about Astro as I have canceled my subscription after the price hike.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
19 Sep 2011 3.16pm

BN – the people government (unfortunately there is developers government, LOL)

1Malaysia PM Najib – the people PM

p/s: BE grateful for your freedom. And vote BN after this 🙂

19 Sep 2011 1.41pm

Amusing!…why should anyone feel relieved and appreciative to this SOB govt. The charge was dropped because those charged must be the “Good Communists” UMNO PM were referring to in his latest comment on past and present communists. How funny, I am aware humans can change their thinking but, an ideology definitely not. If they changed their belief in Communism how could they possibly be communists…perhaps, more accurately, they become democratic socialists! (Anil, could they be called, left wing socialists?)

19 Sep 2011 1.16pm

According to a Malaysian Insider report, Najib is paying (using rakyat money of course) political strategists behind Tony Blair’s “New Labour” and Paul Stadlen, the former boss of APCO Malaysia, to reinvent Najib as a cool and moderate reformist. Millions of ringit has been spent on a new website hundreds of people hired to promote “Brand Najib” and “Brand BN” on social media and other websites. Najib attended Astro’s Suarakami concert on Saturday night as part of his makeover. . We all know that there’s nothing REAL about Najib. It’s all branding, trying to re-create a new image for him,… Read more »

19 Sep 2011 12.39pm

Whatever ‘feel good’ factor that BN is trying to inject, do remember that it is transient. Do not be deceived.

Leslie Teoh
Leslie Teoh
20 Sep 2011 12.42pm
Reply to  Erwin

People with more matured minds will not easily get swayed by all the recent BN gimmicks. It is those who are simple-minded and with less access to the real world that are susceptible to their pretence. I hope the Gen Y fellows are not deceived by the Suarakami stunt by Najib. Please hold your horses and refrain from issuing statements that could turn out in favour of BN. Time will tell if these so-called promises will be fulfilled. Don’t waste your time playing mind games with them. So far we have got slogans and acronyms but no real substance. Meanwhile,… Read more »