Federal Court disappointment for villagers


1210: Kg Buah Pala residents have failed to obtain leave to appeal against a Court of Appeal order for them to vacate the land. The Federal Court struck off their second application for leave this morning.

The villagers were unable to get a full trial in the Federal Court, says one of the villagers. He adds that there could be another appeal coming up next week (I need to verify this).

0030: Once again, the Kg Buah Pala residents have taken their case to the highest court in the land.

Dalbinder Singh is providing live coverage from the Federal Court (beginning at 9.00am) here.

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D highest court hve turn d villagers down again.. LGE & his … ADUNS hve washed their hands long ago when d DAP WIRA’S switch off their H/P’s, when d devil lopers tried to force their way into d village on d 13/8/09 to demolish the village. Nw who is going to help d desperate villagers??? It is easy to comment & past remarks on d villagers who r just trying to saveguard their houses they r living for yrs. D govt tat they have choosen “DAP” choose d easy way out pretending to be very ,very concern but it… Read more »


Ken Wong,

I agree with your concerns. But the answer is simple.
Investors should be guided by Ethics NOT Greed.
Knowing there is Injustice and yet if investors decide to get involved, they do so at their own peril. Justice cannot be sacrificed to please investors!


Oops Fatimah, U already posted that same comment in Anil’s previous post

‘Federal Court disappointment for villagers’
Fatimah Zuhri
August 21st, 2009 at 3.40am

Mu ni guna template ke?
Janganlah semua copy n paste aje, cubalah ori sikit!
Belajar kat local IPT , kot!


Hi, i think enough is enough. I think it is too much for the Kampung Buah Pala people to ask for more compensation, for a land that they live and not belong to them. LGE have do more than enough to help the residents.

I’m residents of penang, and i totally support the state government. If this is BN, long time ago the villages being demolished.

people power

There are three type of law ie Law of Nature, Law of the Land and a Private law. Today the private law and the land of the land fails to prevails beyond anything else as it always a contractual issue that defies the base law of nature as it defies humanity and certain unaliaenable right for freedom and truth to live fairly and in equality within a society. The nonchalant and slackness of action by the People Power, ie me and you creates the usurpation of the Executive power for the need of the few whether it is BN or… Read more »


Fatima oi Fatima.. We should not put any comments against her. if we do, nobody can diffential who the idiot is. let her be the idiot.


I have managed before. Interesting! Indian votes can be won this way. Steal money from you. When … happens, pay you some scrumbs. Voila! Votes can be won

I have to agree with me! It’s Economy, Stupid!


Kg Buah Pala has approached UMNO Bukit Gelugor for help (refer to STAR latest news )
Now this I would say is “good strategy”.
Kg Buah Pala is not going down without a fight, by hook or by crook, they are going to make sure they WIN.
If they want it bad enough, it might just work.
Good Luck to Kg Buah Pala resident.

Wong Ka Wai

Deep sympathy to Kg Buah Pala residents as they failed at Federal Court.

Now I believe they should seek help from MIC as MIC have plead to assist them with 3.2 millions

Open an online shop now, just RM100/year


Megat, what is your personal take on this matter.
Do you agree that politicians can use the official cars or helicopters when they campaign for their parties ? Yes or No.

I agree they can use it eg LGE and DPM Muhyiddin ? You don’t agree is it ?


Well understand, this squatter having reject LGE offer, has approach the Numero Uno Bigot party, UMNO to help…well maybe they will get their 3 million $.

BTW Hindraf Uday & Waytha..where r they..busy spending the collection kah…..

Pitiful case…..

In Sabah Sabahan get hacked in land grab http://themalaysianinsider.com/mni/kuna%20…%20probe.html and squatters house get burn down http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=45072



what poll??
which independent group??
where (if ever) was it published??


Poor guy Rohaizat is having a tough time Permatang Pasir. He has lost the appeal of almost all the people here. BN has made a big blunder putting him as a candidate. The sad part of it is some UMNO leaders are still championing him, as they say in Malay, MENEGAKKAN BENANG BASAH. The clear choice of the people here is this soft-spoken PAS candidate. He is well-liked by almost all the races here. This candidate is known to be a kind-hearted man who have helped peopleof all races and religion. PAS has chosen the right man to contest. I… Read more »

Ken Wong

Hi ghkok, Would you dare to start a business in a State where the Government can ignore a court ruling? Would you invest in a State where the Government can cause you to lose money with the “stroke of a pen”, regardless of any court decision? If you think that there is a lack of social justice in the court decision, then you should try to overturn the decision instead of expecting the State Government to ignore it. I agree that there must be social justice. But where a case like Kg B Pala has already occured, the best thing… Read more »


No. Pakatan will not lose Penang. The Indians will not desert Pakatan. Gerakan looks likely to be wiped out of national politics. People Power will ensure that Pakatan continues as a strong party. The Malays, Chinese and Indians will support Pakatan. They all want a change. Just drop by Permatang Pasir. You will feel the WIND OF CHANGE blowing. The government controlled media is losing steam as all their propaganda seem to backfire. I just pity those guys who are paid to do so. HIDUP PAKATAN.

Megat Jittendran

I wondered whether some commentators and bloggers writing on High Chaparral crisis have really visited Kg Buah Pala, talked to the residents and comprehended their predicament. I wonder whether they really know the truth behind the whole issue which blew up into a confidence crisis to the DAP government. One should realise, a recent opnion poll carried out by an independent group found that Lim Guan Eng rating amongs Indians and Malays in Penang had actually gone down. Do any DAP supporters know that LGE had (allegedly) been using his official car for election rallies in Permatang Pasir? Well! Talking… Read more »


Fatimah, It doesnt matter how PR supporters think because PR has got the mandate to rule from the people and not by force. Its better to be zombies rather than be totally dead like BN in Penang. Look at where MCA, MIC and Gerakan went? They have ben buried and bueried by the Penang People. UMNO is the next to be buried. Look at what kind of candidate UMNO-BN offered for Permatang Pasir? No wonder you are with BN as Bn dont have any good and clean people to offer. KBP was sold by BN to BN cronies…. but PR… Read more »

2nd class

Yes, this is justice. Illegal settles cannot just claim the land just because they stay there for a long period. The rightful owner can do whatever they want of it is within the law. Law is about justice not welfare.


indian laughing at another indian..what a drama what a joke…..greedy asking for millions…now left in the lurch…greed blind common sense..where are the hindraf heros? hey be blaming somebody..again…definatley they wont miss lim guan eng..


Unfortunate ..pressed enter. ( Continue ) 5. Now that the makkal sakti no longer is needed you just throw them…? BAD mistake.. { Federal Court disappointment the villagers !! who are the people behind that..Hindraf? , DAP? its UMNO and BN itself. Well i will be looking forward to see who trows who. Wise choice laaa.} 6. If you zombies think that in the next GE, Penang will still be under PR, dream ON…you guys really think chinese support will make DAP reign supreme forever? LOL { Ha ha ha ha ha !!!! what a joke. No comments you really… Read more »


“O God give me the strength to change the things I can and to accept things that I can’t”

This can be seen both ways too, depends on how we see it.

I do agree however that Kg Buah Pala has the right to FIGHT for their homes or whatever justice they have to seek to save their homes, like everyone else in their situation. That is their RIGHT, no one should question it.
However PLEASE USE GOOD Judgement, do not throw accusations and make this issue into a RACIAL propaganda.


Dedicated to Fatimah Zhuri.. First of all you sounds like one of Umno’s top gun wife or you are the top gun itself. The way you post your comments is totally on frustrated mode. As long your feet touch the earth you have to adhere to the reality. Time will guide you on how much you hate your self. (What appear on you comes through you) Back to the topic… You idiotic comments push me as far as can from UMNO/BN regime. Thanks for that. Most of the post argue on what is the best for KBP folk but you… Read more »


We said it before that what LGS negotiated for them was a very good deal but unfortunately they got greedy and got instigated by selfish bunch of wannabe politicians and BN goons. Now what have they got? Maybe Muhiddin can arrange for them to live with him or live in Toyo’s palace. Smart of those who accepted the deal, valued at RM600,000 at current market.


//Yes, sometimes, we need to make some difficult choices and walk along the road less travelled. // The consequences for some people, for example Raja Petra Kamarudin being ISAed for being vocal, Kg Buah Pala villagers got nothing at the end by pursuing legal battle with the developer You as it and you got it now. Dream comes true lesson for all of us. Congratulation Anil, your blog site get attention from UMNO so that there is a dedicated (paid?) blogger, ie Fatimah to create post extraordinary comments. Dear Anil, soon you will get a offer to switch to pro-BN… Read more »

anna brella

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “It’s not good enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” That kind of throws that thought of “just do your best and that will be good enough” out the window now, doesn’t it? This hard quote is a timeless reminder that there are things that one sometimes needs to do in Life where opting to do the usual of doing one’s best is simply not good enough for that thing or matter in question. In those instances, as someone somewhere said, one may need to consider the matter from… Read more »