Karpal Singh ‘a valiant fighter for justice’, says former Penang Bar Committee chairman


Former Penang Bar Committee chairperson C V Prabhakaran, who had worked with Karpal, has described the late lawyer as “a valiant fighter for justice”.

“He was undoubtedly one of the best criminal as well as civil lawyers in this country,” said Prabha, who started practising law in 1974.

The senior lawyer said Karpal fought for his clients fearlessly with distinction and merit. “The courts will lose a lawyer of high integrity and intelligence.”

Prabha (standing left), with Ramkarpal and Param, along with Karpal – Photograph: NST
He was a man of humility and unquestionable integrity, noted Prabha. “He was quite well known for his free defence of underprivileged persons accused of any crime.”

Prabha, who served as one of the co-counsels with Karpal in Anwar’s second sodomy trial, has been invited again to join Anwar’s legal team for the appeal against the sodomy conviction.

“(Karpal was) a brave politician who did not fear the administrators who were against him at one time,” said Prabha. “May he rest in peace.”

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Don Anamalai

Kenangan Karpal Singh di Parlimen pada 8 April 2014:

Pindaan Akta Saraan Hakim 2013

najib manaukau

I hope the egregious Mahathir gets to read what a good man gets from Malaysian of all RACES, something he will never ever get. A real testimonial of a real great man. He will be remembered and may his spirit to fight for justice live on and be emulated by thousands of young Malaysians !

Pal Tim

The divisive Tun Dr? Good riddance! But I would not stoop as low as grkumar at his passing.

James G.

Lawyers and parliamentarians like Karpal Singh come one in a million.

Thank you for all your services to the country for the cause of justice, fair-play, human rights, human decency and above all your tenacious fight to uphold the rule of law.



Yes, indeed he was one of the best criminal lawyer in the country, a valiant fighter for justice of

Pak Tim

Many old students Han Chiang will remember the Philanthropist Lim Lean Teng who gave generously during his lifetime. Many schools in Malaya exist because of his generosity including, Nanyang University of Singapore. So, it was befitting that a bronze statue of him was erected in his honour.

We should do no less for the Tiger of Jelutong. His service and sacrifice to the public is great. Though the Sikhs do not believe in monuments but, this will be for the people, Penangites and Malaysians alike to remind themselves what it means to fight for our liberty.


A bronze monument of Mr Karpal Singh in the open green of Penang High Court will be appropriate. Another choice can be Penang Speaker’s Square.


Like Stamford Raffles in Singapore. Mind you Tunglang, Karpal was educated in University of Singapore under auspices of Tommy Koh, current Singapore Ambassador at large to USA. Tommy is far more qualified than JJ … Heck, Malaysia should have hired George Yeo instead. Make him an honorary malaysian hahahaha!

Kinda sad that Karpal’s contemplarary not that lucky………Not like Seenivasagam brothers of Ipoh or David Marshall (The only JEW singapore chief minister)


looes74: Karpal was educated in University of Singapore.

No wonder Karpal roared like a lion! Singh mah!
One thing I like about Singland’s rule of law: Don’t Play Play.


A well thought out tribute instead of these cheap “off the shelf” comments about how good he was an what a hero he was would be more appropriate. None of the pages about Karpal since his demise has an iota of respectability or sincerity about it.

What this does is open these comments to rebuttal, render the stature of the man to a cardboard cut out of himself and denigrate his character whatever it may have truly been like.

Cliches do not do him justice. It cheapens his memory. But then again this is the Malaysian Bar is it not?

Andrew I

I’m sure Karpal must be smiling from above that you care so much about his legacy. Obviously, everyone else doesn’t, since their comments are cheap and “off the shelf.”

Not yours, of course.

Andrew I

How about you writing an autobiography about the man? Then we can all learn from your infinite wisdom on how to pay a tribute properly, without being disrespectful and insincere.


this guy is sick in mind he is imagining he is Karpal Singh, trying to be great here.

a loser indeed !!!


There are plenty of such fellas around. I strongly suggest to set up another psychiatric ward for such people