Judge upholds 7-day remand order on PSM detainees


A Penang High Court judge this morning upheld the seven-day remand order on 30 PSM activists.

The remand order had been granted by a senior Sessions Court judge presiding at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court last Sunday. Lawyers then applied to the High Court on Tuesday for a revision of the remand order.

The remand expires on Saturday, 2 July, but the authorities may go back to court to apply for a further seven days of remand.

Yesterday, activists were harassed by a group of men while outside the police headquarters along Penang Road, where they were holding a press conference after submitting a memo addressed to the CPO calling for the detainees’ release. Take a look at the video.

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When you vote like Gerakan K, you will get the type of govt we have…totally a disgrace to the nation and … in the eyes of the world!!


Tulisan gerakan k adalah satu ‘reminder’ kepada kita bahawa orang Penang tak boleh pilih BN!!!


i dont think the judge had any basis to grant the remand order….


Instead of seating in the opposition bench, 1-kotor umno should be banned when we throw them out (at the next GE).


BN has chosen to exit in utter disgrace instead of gracefully. As the dinosaur dies it will thrash its tail about violently – just stay out of the way if you can. These hapless PSM volunteers got whacked by BN’s crappy law enforcement … – but it’s a small price to pay for the future of Malaysia.

Ong Eu Soon

Umno Swordzenegger in his paranoid personality disorder declared that yellow T-shirt is illegal! Who give this mad guy the power to make declaration? Guess will anyone obey his declaration? Only the police and Umnoputra losing their mind believed that yellow T-shirt is illegal.


B’cos Yellow T-Shirts are a conscience-curse to ‘Kotor’.
BTW, who with righteousness would want to be ‘Kotor’?
God Is Watching Us From A Distance.

Ong Eu Soon

… What kind of nonsense is this?


Hi Anil

fyi saw MPPP folks removing posters in komtar vicinity (could see Nazi symbol with LGE’s photos in them). any updates on this ?…

Gerakan K

I can imagine Kg Buah Pala with the word “zalim”.


and polis not taking action ???


What happens to those East Germany”conspirator judge” after Germany merge, is something that Malaysian must learn.


This is pure harassment by the govt.


We all know that.
That’s why ubah is needed even in our juriciary system.

Gerakan K

Anil, any specific reasons given by the judge ???

By the way, I’m very happy about that decision. So, jangan main-main dengan undang-undang. Sesal dahulu berpendapatan, Sesal Kemudian Tak Berguna


gerakan k
… tulisan adik macam mafia k !

Gerakan K

Gila !!! Kita perlu mempertahankan sistem demokrasi and keamanan negara.

Andrew I

You’re headed for the drawer again, Gherkin.