Judge Komathy dismisses preliminary objection


I see Malaysian Insider has since removed that bit where it reported that Sessions Court judge Komathy has ruled against the prosecution’s application to transfer Anwar’s sodomy case to the High Court.

Not quite sure what happened there.

Apparently, it was just a preliminary objection by the prosecution that Komathy dismissed. This is what Malaysiakini is reporting:

Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court judge SM Komathy Suppiah will deliver her decision today on whether the matter can be moved up to the High Court as applied by the prosecution.

This morning she dismissed a preliminary objection raised by the prosecution that she had no choice but to transfer the case to a higher court.

She said that she had the jurisdiction to hear the defence team’s objections against the transfer notice.

A final decision on whether the case will be transferred to the High Court is only expected tomorrow.

The Star reports Anwar as saying: “I will deliver my budget speech on Oct 13 as the Opposition Leader in Parliament.”

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Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Judge Komathy should be congratulated for her stand against bullying tactics by the Prosecution. You will be surprised that she may even be transferred to a place where there is no water. Politicians are the Judiciary as … Can you remember what happened in 1998 – Justice K.C.Vohra was to hear Anwar’s case the next day , but the Judge was transferred abruptly within 24 hours to civil section, whereas the Judge has been hearing criminal cases for so many years; this is what is happening now. Either you follow the AG or you (could end up) transferred elsewhere and… Read more »


There appears to be an error in the URL embedded for The Star’s item about “I will deliver my budget speech on Oct 13
as the Opposition Leader in Parliament.”

It should be:

Having got that bit out of the way, while The Star may have reported that Anwar said that he is going to deliver his Budget speech on Oct 13th as Opposition leader, I fervantly hope that he will be delivering a FRESH Budget as PM, if not on Oct 13th, then in the very near future.


Can Anwar, as Opposition leader, deliver budget speech on the 13th? Surely not, right? It means on that day he is no more an Opposition leader. But the Govt.


Interesting to note on what grounds the prosecution wants to transfer the case to a higher court.
Now the question that stands out like unwashed linen is whether the prosecution is suggesting the current judge is inept to handle the case. Well if I was the presiding magistrate I will tell the prosecution where to go ….. and… er…. it will not be a nice place!

By the By did someone mention malaysia’s judiciary was not controlled by UMNO? just being curious.


Oops! I saw the report in the MI and not the Star as I posted earlier. Well what’s happening?


MI withdrew the report. Sigh! Suspected something amiss when MK n Star did not report the decision. Whats happening? How can MI make a mistake like that? This is not the first time.


The Star reports Anwar as saying: “I will deliver my budget speech on Oct 13 as the Opposition Leader in Parliament.”

Hmm… I thot he’s going to move a motion of no confidence on AAB, considering the amount of “noise” on that matter…..sigh, was it all just hot air, all this while?

And for that, we have innocent ppl hauled up under the ISA?


wow, 13 Oct !