Is Adam Adli the next Anwar Ibrahim?


Adam Adli was today released on bail of RM5000. He has claimed trial to a charge of sedition. Case mention will be on 2 July.

Anwar Ibrahim started off as a student leader from 1968, at the age of 21. He was arrested in 1974, when he was 27, after shooting to prominence during student protests against rural poverty and hunger. Anwar was detained under the ISA for 20 months. At that time, Najib’s father Tun Abdul Razak was prime minister and he appointed Mahathir to the Cabinet as Minister of Education in 1974.

Adam hit the news when he was 22, as a teacher trainee at the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, when he lowered a flag with Najib’s image on it at the Umno headquarters. Now 24, he finds himself hauled up under the law during the the administration of Razak’s son, Najib. Mahathir is still lurking in the background somewhere.

Like the early Anwar, Adam has become something of a cause celebre among many students, notwithstanding his brash comments – youthful exuberance? – that landed him in trouble.

But in this post-GE2013 era, Adam’s appeal cuts across the various ethnic groups who are longing for a new Malaysia where ethnic and religious diversity will be celebrated instead of being considered a barrier to greater unity. This is the era of new politics, an era when the younger generation are more open and aren’t as easily intimidated by the old tactics.

This paradigm, however, threatens the race-based worldview – the old politics of divide and rule – of the BN elites and that is why many of them view Adam and his rising popularity with much disdain and increasing nervousness. By hauling up Adam, the authorities may have inadvertently brightened his aura.

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old hack

There’s a Malay saying that goes:

“Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti”.


Enter the Dragon


This is political maturing of the rakyat. There is no way UMNO can continue to isolate the rakyat under the coconut shell and make them think UMNO is the world. This is the beginning of the explosion of political maturing of the Malaysian society. None of the old harsh tactics is going to work anymore. The only way to make this work is to sit down and have a dialogue and effect change. Sitting down and talking but doing nothing is not going to cut it either. This new Malaysians are demanding change for the better and they know what… Read more »


This Nation, if it wants to thrive upon Integrity, Transparency, Justice and equal Opportunities for All its Rakyat, will need more than just one or two Anwar IBrahims, Suu Kyi or Mahatma Ghandi! So for the sake of the future generations let us pray that firebrands and leaders for true and good governance must come from young leaders of all races and not just from an Adam Adli Alone! We have TC and Sivarasa and Anwar Ibrahim! But where are Adam Adli’s contemporaries? But then since we have failed, we failed to dislodged BN, we are still shackled by draconian… Read more »


In the time of darkness there’s always someone who stood up and Adam is one of them….A True Malaysian Hero!!

Gerakan K

Anil jahat. Very very bad anil.

Anil galakkan pemuda melakukan kesalahan dengan memberi harapan bahawa mereka mungkin menjadi seperti Anwar pada satu hari yang kemudian.

Wahai anil, hentikanlah aktiviti meracuni minda golongan pemuda. Bertaubatlah anil.

najib manaukau

Malaysia needs more than Adam Adll, to achieve real democracy Malaysia needs many more than man like Adam. Please remember to run a country the people must have one individual, therefore it is time now to search for more people like Adam. Five years till the next GE such be sufficient time to find them !


We definitely need more of this kind who has in him what is needed to bring change.


Adam will definitely be someone if he enters politics. The young man is brave, sharp and has an excellent oratory skill.
He too commands the support of various races , young and old, he will be another Anwar Ibrahim.