Ghosts of Malaysia Past: New life for Malaysia as Najib goes to prison

It's a cathartic moment for the nation as people can scarcely believe Najib is despatched to prison


With the Federal Court’s decision today to uphold the High Court guilty verdict after a four-year emotional roller coaster, some ghosts have been finally laid to rest.

As I write this, immediately after the verdict was announced, a light shower is falling where I am in Penang, as if cleansing the nation.

Across the nation, sighs of relief and vindication. Many can scarcely believe that Najib Razak, the smooth-talking scion of the Razak family, immaculately dressed in an Armani suit, is now heading to prison.

The first former Malaysian PM to go behind bars. Who would have believed it? As someone said, it is our South Korean moment.

Ghosts from the past

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are ‘ghosts’ of Malaysia Past that have haunted the nation.

For a while, the renowned cartoonist Zunar would draw sketches of the spirit of the slain Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu hovering in the skies above Putrajaya. Full article on Aliran website

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BERSIH has launched a petition requesting Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah not to pardon former prime minister Najib Razak

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The struggle against graft by Malaysians who took to the streets in the Bersih rallies has borne fruit in the conviction and sentencing of former premier Najib Abdul Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, former leaders of electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 said.

Don Daboba

Corrupt by means of taking out money into individual pocket is akin to cheating 33 million rakyat Malaysia. The sin is deep and wide, bcos too many people involved, a nation of citizens are deprived of deserving benefits from govt loan money. The Bossku supporters are the enemy of the nation, we should not allow them to seek Royal pardon for Bossku.


The criminal in Kajang Resort had taken the court in a merry go round and the greedy wife is following his tactics. Hope the judiciary have learned and put their foot down to show the world they are not a political tool. Nail her quickly so that it will not be a repeat of the crooked husband’s farce wasting our tax money.


Ghost of Altantunya may be haunting the Kajang prison?


Political and legal analyst Iswardy Morni and anti-corruption activist Clare Rewcastle weigh in on Bossku’s convictions.

Alizes 888

Watching the president of Umno Zahid’s speech on Saturday send a feeling of fear and disgust. A noble party started by our bapa merdeka now become a playground of liars, crooks who have no respect of the law. Twisting and spinning the president of Umno is poisoning the minds of the delegates. It is pure toxic. This country will crashed if malays do not wake up and get rid of leaders of this nature. Such poisonous self serving with no respect of the law must go. Then this beloved tanah air will have a chance to heal and regenerate. Think… Read more »


As most of the people accept their serfdom, little will change. When the elite get exposed for crimes or violations (such as of covid regulations), regulators, enforcers and (in some cases) even prosecutors bend backwards to excuse them, and attack the whistle-blowers. In contrast to the extremely poor who steal food, world-class crooks are never seen in prison uniform, let alone handcuffs. Instead, they get chauffer service at public cost, interminable delays in prosecution and ongoing cases, and even press conferences to insult the judiciary.


Bagaimana Najib Memilih Dari Putrajaya Ke Penjara


This was one of the last countries to change the gomen. Also one of the last to convict a former top leader. It has yet to start on 1MDB itself (the conviction yesterday was for ikan bilis SRC), other major plunder, institutionalised apartheid, etc. So, let us temper the mood of celebration.

Don Daboba

There are four court cases still pending for Bossku.

The recently concluded SRC International involving some RM40 plus million ringgit is minuscule compared with two out of the four still outstanding court cases involving 1MDB and amounting to RM2.28b and RM6.6b (IPIC) respectively.

So pardon, if already planned, must still wait.


Fulfil our demands or be sacked as Umno veep, Umno warlords warn PM Ismail Sabri

They want royal pardon for Najib, removal of top judge, AG, immediate GE15.

PM under pressure?

Dr Watson

Can Aliran panel investigate if a deal being struck between PM and ex PM last night prior to court verdict?

Dr Watson

If Aliran to do investigative reporting from interim Kajang prison later Sungai Buloh prison, make sure to bring along Super Ring snacks as visiting gift.


Sometimes we have to believe the supernatural. The spirit of Altantuya has finally brought down the felon…


Alpha will see the ‘light shower’ as the sky weeping for Bossku, just like those crying makciks from Raub gathering at the court compound today.

Don Daboba

If high level politicians steal, when finally imprisoned, treated well and differently from the rest of the inmates, then it is sending a wrong message. These criminals will not repent and may be scheming for another crime upon release since there’s plenty of time in jail. Especially when one such culprit using ‘ApaMaluBossku’, tells us outright that stealing is not wrong and shameful, he has many supporters concurring this!