CV Prabhakaran: Towering Reformasi lawyer who defended the underdog

The PSM 6 with their lawyers - (from left) Chon Kai, lawyers Karen Lai and C V Prabhakaran, Jeyakumar, Saras, Sugu, Letcu, lawyer Agatha Foo and Babu

Dato’ CV Prabhakharan, the former chairman of the Penang Bar Committee (1996-1999) passed away on 15 June 2018. He was 81. Anil Netto writes this tribute.

A former police inspector, Prabha was very much an imposing lawyer, both in height and reputation, during the Reformasi years.

He was a great friend of Aliran’s and rendered pro bono advice on many occasions. Prabha used to advise us on articles and press statements that we published, especially those that were critical of the judicial system and the courts, to make sure we steered clear of any accusation of contempt of court.
Full article on Aliran website.

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Must support Siti Kassim to curb abuse by police.


Police acting on behalf of JAIS?
The girl is an adult, should be able to be free from mother’s control.


The Pakatan Harapan Government is considering whether to launch fresh investigations into the Maika Holdings scandal, which saw more than RM100mil cheated from the Malaysian Indian community, said M. Kulasegaran.


So, will the abduction case of Pastor Raymond Koh be reinvestigated?
I sincerely hope PM Mahathir will look into it.

Pastor Raymond Koh missing (allegedly) to do with Najib and Malaysia Police(?)


Police taskforces: Special Task Force for Anti-vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (Stagg), Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Stafoc), and Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING), may be disbanded by Muhyiddin.

Trees Goh

Condolence to Mr Prabha’s family


RIP Mr Prabha.

Not easy to be a lawyer fighting for justice in Malaysia.