Live – Anwar’s trial continues


The Anwar trial continues with testimony by key prosecution witness Saiful Bukhari in camera, a visit to a condo and the screening of a video clip in court.

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Would like to bring together comments from MyBlog (February 4th, 2010 at 11.21am) and Putra (February 4th, 2010 at 2.51pm), so I can add some conspiracy theory just for fun! Reply to Putra: UMNO doesn’t really need to win over the hearts of rural Malays. They’ve still got good control there. It’s the urbanites they should worry about. Reply to MyBlog: What if it wasn’t bad BN advisors who engineered this? What if this farce, which will more likely have a negative impact for BN amongst urban Malaysia, is a show put on by PR themselves to distract from how… Read more »

Andrew I

Yeah, and they could call it “A hundred ways to get into a government-controlled press for free.” They could get Cameron to direct it for a hat-trick.


Only one problem with your theory, PR doesnt control the AG’s office or has any influence on whether there is a trial or not.

This power is only with BN.

Yes you are right in one way, the theory you propose is only seen in movies/fiction and hence you stand a good chance for a shot at hollywood or bollywood, in real life we need to consider the facts on the ground.


aww… well, maybe when all this was being hatched, BN was still “blur-blur” (Chinese Manglish slang)…

All its components (including the press) are so used to these sort of things … that they are just doing what they think they should…

Anyhoo… as I said, its all speculation for a bit of fun n nothing more ;-). Will just have to watch as story unfolds..


Okay, please take a look at this link This is a book called Forensic Nursing by Kelly Pyrek and on Page 539, it describes how DNA evidence must be collected and protected from cross contamination. One of the things it says is that you should not wash any part of your body after assault as you would want to collect the forensic evidence. Which means that if you do then you risk loosing the evidence. Hello, this S… took two days to finally come for an examination and he must have taken a couple of baths and have had… Read more »


This whole thing is ridiculous…. No one in their right mind would use a phrase like this on someone he does not know for sure is a willing partner. People will test the waters first, hint subtly or something and if there is a positive response, then, they might slowly proceed.

Gerakan K

If Anwar gets convicted it means the end of PR. Anwar is the glue to the pact.


While DSAI is on trial, see what the comrades from DAP are doing…

Jeff Ooi says this about (a few) people from PKR: “Garbage remnants that often create problems in the party.”

… Is this how DAP really want to play?


mr.Anil…this question is for so many GOD FEARING PSUDO INTELLECTUALS OF THIS COUNTRY…..IS IT OK TO PRINT `SEX OFFERED ` IN BIG BOLD LETTERS IN MSM PAPERS? if teenage children asks about all these …how God fearing parents needs to explain… I just hope after reading MSM headlins many teenagers should not indulge in all these acts preached by MSM paper of malaysia to the public

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Anil

Remember the scary German guy with the big beard who said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce?

Malaysia has been turned into the laughing stock of the world by this ruling regime.
The foreign mass media is here and
“The whole world is watching”!


I think Anwar’s counsel is not protecting him well. Based on the prosecution’s opening statement that they found Anwar’s semen in Saiful’s anus and Saiful’s subsequent testimony, the uMNO papers has a field day. Actually they are not bothered whether Anwar is convicted or not. Tf convicted it is a bonus to them. Their main intent and purpose is to smear and tarnish Anwar’s reputation amongst malay’s rural folks who would only be reading the Umno’s papers. Anwar when read the charge had stated that the charge is all false and lies. His lawyers should have at least stood up… Read more »


Boss, the defence will have their day in court. Now is the turn of the prosecution and they are trying to sensationalize and throw as much dirt as they can…

It is obvious that after two days at least you cant get anything from the anal area as it is washed off or contaminated… And the international damage this is going to cause is beyond imagination…

R.Prem KUmar

Your comment makes very good sense. Its an infamous publicity stunt to win the simple minded rural folks.


Did they find 13 stains containing Anwar’s sperm specimen like during Sodomy 1? How did they manage to get Annwar’s sperm specimen during Sodomy 1 in 1998, huh? This is something greater than the making of Avatar. This is an international blockbuster … that Malaysia should be ashamed off!


:Can I F*** u…..terus … tu buka seluar…punya lah power Anwar….

i hate this..not the first time..wake up… move forward


If Anwar gets convicted … and PR or PKR plays this well in ganering sympathy factor from the rakyat, it may even end up into a white wash for BN come next GE. BN seems to have had very short sight on this, probably bad advisors… … but this drama is not going to end for the next two years if Anwar gets convicted. There is the present trial which can at anytime be further delayed and may play out another six months. And then there is the appeals and appeals to go. So we are seeing a very long… Read more »


This Sodomy II is really beyond me… It is not about sex actually but beyond that…

Politics is indeed the dirtiest thing in the world. It is about “killing” a person at all cost… no matter what… real evil…

Robert Hum

For all on-line Malaysian news, I read Malaysia today and Malaysiakini. But for minute by minute accounts of events, I read your tweet. I think you have a monopoly there mate.