Anwar’s defence to interview Najib, Rosmah


Anwar’s defence lawyers intend to interview Najib and Rosmah among others before deciding whether to call them as defence witnesses, after the judge ruled this morning that Anwar had a case to answer in his sodomy trial.

Others on the list of potential defence witnesses include Musa Hassan, Ezam and Mumtaz Jaafar.

The case has once again hit international headlines.

The never-ending trials and tribulations of Anwar Ibrahim continue.

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Gopal Raj Kumar

And you want this mob to rule Malaysia?


Najib is so scared by the Mr. X & Y & Z behind the crusader Ibrahim perkosa, so much so that he has to seek refuge at Oxford? That is why he chooses to keep real quiet and impotent, even his home minister is not giving a face on him, what to say others. Najib needs all races to throw sincere and cooperated support behind him in order to stay sitting on the comfortable chair at Putrajaya, this he must know and need not to be reminded. What crusading by Katak Ibrahim? Don’t also hurt the feeling of many Christians.… Read more »

maniam ganapathy

Could it be our PM trying to project goodie image (e.g. in Oxford) while getting his sidekicks to do the dirty works locally (barang naik, utusan’s accusation, perkasa sabre-rattling…)? Could could there be internal power struggle within the party with different opinions among its members? Only time will tell.


i mean innocent & NAIVE malaysians


verdict being cast from the day of the procecution(?)

we malaysian don’t bother much as long as we can cari makan and live as it is.

the ? is what if our lifestyle being affected by ever increasing polarising and extremely executed policies.

by then the rich and connected (of all races) will have escape route pre-planned, and only suckers like us live to face the outcome.

justice flows like mighty river ?

my heart bleeds for the innocent malaysians ……….

Justice 4 All

Yes there are many able Leaders in in Pakatan who should lead us into a New Malaysia where Racism,Corruption and Injustice will be buried for good. Pas Nizar, Keadilan Azmin Ali ,Nurul ,Guan Eng are all potential National Leader to help Pakatan form the next Government of Malaysia. We must NOT forget Altantuya, Beng Hock ,Aminrul, and so many who have suffered injustice. We have inherited the very worse of Mahathirism – a disease that is inflicting so much damage to the heart ,liver & soul of Malaysia. One of his poison is Interlok introduced by M’s close pal DPM… Read more »


With or without Anwar, no matter what PR will continue. Azmin or Nurul have the ability to lead.The most important thing is to tear down the wall of UMNO & BN.


Seems like only in Malaysia Crooks ,Thieves of public funds… go free ( yes even supect and murderer go free) yet innocent men are framed and punished,
Oh Malaysia our hearts bleed for you !


Wow!!…the main actors … performing, we have the greatest show in Peninsular Bolehland. Let hope the defend lawyers will … grill these…! This UMNO PM and UMNO own “First Lady” will make a specular pair….

In Bolehland one needs not have to think to hard to know what is to follow and the end result.


Given the current state of judiciary, Anar can only prolong the case as long as possible as the verdict (appears to have) been made from day one.


While umno are busy trying to nail anwar and perkasa are busy trying to err wipe out or crusading against somebody or religion.
The Fukushima Number 2 and number 3 reactors might have melted down too.
Plus more bad news , the radioactive material dispersal prediction system proves useless after spending billions and billions of Japanese Yen into it.Local governments in the disaster-hit areas were unable to get information when they needed it the most.
But over here in Malaysia all the govt medias are covering and concerned about sodomy , sex video and perkasa’s jihad thingy.

Andrew I

I think Anwar should avoid any press statements and pics. The picture that has stuck to my mind was the one with a swarm of lawyers in their Batman capes and the underlying perception that Anwar was afforded the best legal representation.

I followed the trial and, to be honest, I didn’t think Anwar lost solely on biasness.