Anwar wins defamation suit against Nalla


Anwar has won a defamation suit against Nallakaruppan over a “receiving RM60 million” claim.

Latheefa Koya reports:

Anwar Ibrahim has won a defamation suit against Nallakaruppan ,the High Court ruled this afternoon at the Sivil Court 7, at Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta

After hearing submission in chambers by both counsels for Anwar and Nalla, High Court Judge YA Justice Dato’ Su Geok Yiam struck off the Defendant’s Statement of Defence on the grounds that it was frivolous, vexatious and tantamount to an abuse of court process.

Anwar’s lawyers filed in an application to strike off the Statement of Defence by Nallakaruppan after the latter had failed to furnish particulars as directed by a court order made on 28.8.2009 to provide further and better particulars to the allegations made by him.

The court then entered Judgment of liability against Nallakaruppan for his libellious and defamatory allegations that Anwar had purportedly received RM60 million in cash taken from Magnum Corporation. The allegation was made by Nallakaruppan on 23 August 2008 was published in Mingguan Malaysia under the article entitled “Didakwa Terima 60Juta.”

The Court further directed the damages to be paid by Nallakaruppan to Anwar and quantum will be assessed before the Court’s Registrar.

The decision was made in the judges’ chambers, Justice Dato’ Su Geok Yiam rejected Nallakaruppan’s defence of justification, fair comment and qualified privilege.

Anwar Ibrahim was represented by Lawyer Latheefa Koya & M Afiq Noor of Messrs Daim & Gamany.

Nallakaruppan was represented by Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Sarah Abishegam & Nurul Nabiha of Messrs Shafee & Co.

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Andrew I

Let’s make up. Tennis anyone?


Nalla is a sour grape, a sore loser just like Ummi.

Remember it was reported that Ummi (allegedly) had a pic of Anwar kept in her purse. She (could be) a secret admirer of Anwar and when you know when she cant get Anwar, all hell breaks loose… behaving like a mad woman now…


Congratulations to Anwar, sounds like things might be turning around? I know it all takes time as those in ower don’t want to let go. Anwar reminds me of our group who is still pushing on after Nine years of chaseing money owed to us by a Malaysian Trust Co.


“frivolous, vexatious and tantamount to an abuse of court process”

sue me sue you culture in bolehland and Ministry of Higher Education can create a syllabus in Law Faculty and export it to the world ! LOL

Gerakan K

60 million vs 3 billion ??? A small change, correct ??? By the way, it is only HighCourt decision. Hmmm remember Perak MB case ??? Is there any reason to celebrate for pakatan machais ???


By the way are you refering to the corrupted 3 billions of your Ah cheat. Well Anwar million is legal as awarded by the court. Of course I remember the Perak case where a billion project for a high court judge who preside in the illegal grab of Perak. So you are so proud of all the corruption of billions and billons. What can we say of someone who has no dignity and (is) a wannabe


Gerakan K reads too much Utusan!


Good, how much it is. Hope it is in the millions