Anwar trial: Deja vu, but then again…


The more things change, the more they remain the same in Malaysian politics. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has failed to get a court to strike out a sodomy charge against him, which means the controversial trial that threatens to bump him from politics and land him in prison is set to begin on 25 January.

It will represent the second time Anwar faces charges of sodomy, which is considered a criminal act in Malaysia’s Muslim majority society. This time, he faces charges of sodomizing his 24-year-old former personal aide at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur in mid-2008.

For many Malaysians, there is a sense of deja vu with the 1999 trial that involved his wife’s chauffeur. But the Malaysian political landscape has evolved considerably over the “reformasi” years that followed Anwar’s ouster as finance minister from former premier Mahathir Mohamad’s government in September 1998, coinciding with the height of the Asian financial crisis. Full Asia Times story here.

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R.Prem Kumar

First an undergraduate of a uni who has failed to make the grade to move onwards to the next semester meets the (now) PM who extends a larger than life invitation to consider his scholarship. Fast forward the undergrad becomes DSAI’s aide. PI Bala disappears and re-appears. The trial is set to go on. If we have an incredulous Judge as we had in his previous trial, then DSAI faces an uphill battle. At the same time, what of PI Bala’s right to investigation and emplacement of the magnifying glass on PM and his family? It would be a colossal… Read more »

Gerakan K

Even if Anwar = Obama

But look at Obama now, more troop for Afghanistan. Look at Iraq now. How about Kyoto Protocol?

Change? Dream on folks! That is election propaganda.


Gerakan, what Anwar has to do with Obama????
If Apple = Orange?
If Duck = Chick?

Please talk sense.

Gerakan K

Ask everyone, Obama = the hope of change

Now Anwar = so called hope of change (Malaysia version)

If you do not understand this, then drink more milk with DHA


Gerakan, you look like you are drunkard with the blood like overfed mosquitoes. Making if Anwar = Obama.

However, you are right. I am just drinking milk DHA to be healthy.

Enjoy yourself.


Idiot GK, Having the hope of change is better than another 52 years of corruption by the UMNO _BN. Having the hope of change is better than one that has no KPI… Whether its propaganda or not there is hope. Don`t talk of Obama, after all you have been jumping with joy like a … when he won the election isn`t it !!!


This dirty tactic by GK is known as creating a bogeyman. Create something out of thin air and try to associate it with the person you are trying to villify or destroy. The unfortunate thing is that people could be fooled – sometimes repeatedly and they didn’t realised why they hated and despise the person.

I recognise this because I myself had been a victim of such dirty tactic.


Gerakan K,

… Your mentality is too low to debate on Obama, Afghanistan or the likes. You cannot even determine what is happening at home, shut your … mouth as no one will want to listen to your lies and half truths!…

Gerakan K

Ummah? It looks like a Taliban fanatic is talking here. Keep your mouth clean when commenting. I pity this blog owner have to censor your uncivilised words.


There goes your shallow mentality again, the word “ummah” is talibanic? Surely, you cannot be so ignorant my dear Gerakan, K. You are so lost in this world that is revolving and moving towards globalization. Good for you to keep to your sick mentality, and “I know all” attitudes.


Yes, they (may) put him in. The people will wipe BN out if this happens.


Agreed! We will do that! The power is with the Ummah, but the problem is people like Gerakan K who always deposit his brain in the systems of his UMNO political masters! …


O, Not just UMNO but Kg Buah Pala has agitated him…


Being apolitical, though I had many times voiced my opinions for the PR, this is one conversation I shared with an UMNO warlord in KL after the 308 tsunami.

I impressed upon the Datuk that DSAI is the magnetic power that had galvanized and made the Malaysians desire to change, and this is what he said, ” They will find a way to put him in”.


very well written piece..


Thanks, Anil, for being the proverbial candle in this darkness.
If only the powers-that-be, those puppet masters controlling this whole farce, could see how downright ridiculous this entire episode is to the general observer. Do they think the public is that stupid? The only thing this will lead to, is a yet greater reaction to the injustice. This will galvanise a groundswell, and UMNO and BN will be severely punished!


ye baby… let the drama begin….


Did any of you notice or observe what was said when Saiful took the oath in the mosque?
He had specifically said that he was sodomized by DSAI against his will, and basically that he was raped.
However in the charges framed, Saiful who was a willing partner, who turned informer. That is why the informer was also not prosecuted.


Spot on Anil!
It’s gonna be extremely tough for this UMNO led BN government this time around now. To put it simply, no one will believe them anymore, like the boy cry “wolf” too many times!


Unfortunately Anwar cannot just say the accusation is just “frivolous” and walk away. He is not in power yet. However, this still bogs my mind: Never in the history of mankind has a man who claims to be ‘sodomised’ tells the people ‘proudly’ that it has ‘happened’ to him, ‘voluntarily appears’ on TV to claim as such, ‘does not mind’ to appear on a wide video screen in the public to claim as such.” Any normal human being would feel ashamed that ‘this’ has happened to him and would try hard to conceal his identity in the public. A woman… Read more »

Andrew I

A glitch in the Matrix…again.

Neo, however, has managed to wake up a few more from their deep slumber. Welcome to the real world.

The Matrix: Resurrection. Coming to a TV near you soon.


Full of conspiracies. Sodomy I – is proven a wrongful judgment. Sodomy II – ?. I talked to many people, people shaking their heads. How could a 24 years old man sodomized by an old man? Even a woman hardly get rape by a man with some resistances. Unless the rapist use some lethal weapons.

people power

At least people like “O” are able to comprehend & appreciate the initiative that have taken upon by Anil on his own will.

Although this is not the first time Anil had written note worthy articles in Asia Times, it is refreshing that it got the coverage so that more Malaysians living in their coconut shells able to distinguish that it is not always political for one’s own need but apolitical standing for what is just and fair irrespective of the political following to create the community it seeks.

Keep up the momentum Anil.


A number of umno members I spoke to told me blank face “aiyah you don’t have to say-lah. We all know anwar did not sodomise anyone. but this is politics and politics is dirty.” This seem to be the position of many umno members. They accepted it as “inevitable” and perhaps even necessary eventhough accepting such wrong is unislamic. Umno has really become a party without morals when immorality is accepted as normal. Interestingly a lady I spoke to two day back was riling against DSAI as corrupt, a traitor to the country and a sodomiser. I asked her if… Read more »


Thank you Mr. Anil. Thank you very much for this very informative, impartial and excellent article. At least good bloggers like you who remain neutral, despite the many personal tirades launched against you when what you put forward is not agreeable to the readers. The many write ups of the weaknesses of the PR led Governments by your goodself, is not meant to criticize them, but more to alert them of the dangers that lies ahead. Good and honourable intentions in the pursuance of change. Good article and well done, Anil. Look forward to reading more such informative articles from… Read more »