Zaki Azmi’s express ride


5 September 2007 – Lawyer Zaki Azmi, a former Umno legal adviser and disciplinary committee chairperson, becomes Federal Court judge. He is the first lawyer to be appointed straight to the highest court.

Three months later:

5 December 2007 – Zaki becomes Court of Appeal President, the No. 2 post in the judiciary.

11 months later:

29 October 2008 – Zaki is appointed Chief Justice, the top post in the judiciary.

From lawyer to Chief Justice – all in less than 14 months i.e. little more than a year. Chalk up another one for the Malaysia Book of Records – or is that a world record?

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I am all excited lah. Like this, one day, I also can become Chief Justice.

This kind of stories are so motivating.

Now all of us can aim to become Chief Justice, Minister, or even PM.

Malaysia is such a wonderful and motivating country and I am glad to be a Malaysian.

It is true, Malaysia memang boleh.

If I don’t become a big shot, at least, I can aim to become an Angkasawan. Then at least, my face will be behind every other Metro Bus and I will be famous.

chauncey gardener

I may be wrong on this but was he appointed to Court of Appeals President without having made any written submissions as a sitting Federal Court judge ?

One can fast track some appointments but without any substantive track record as a judge ?


With so many high profile cases going on e.g. Razak Baginda C4, Anwar Sodomee, RPK and Islam, RPK and ISA, other ISA (Teresa Kok, etc), they just want to (put) their very own, UMNO’s very own high profile lawyer…

Well, as you all have seen it, the … first case for Razak Baginda. UMNO-1, PUBLIC-0.


This bolehland has no future,the next generation has no future.

To change it, the judiciary must have the courage to overpower and discipline the executives, not to become their private servants and labourers.

anak kulim

… UMNO’s nomination of someone like Zaki for the post of Chief Justice when he is tainted … How can Zaki impartially decide on cases … especially when they concern UMNO or people associated with UMNO…


With the new PM soon, judiciary reforms will take a back seat, especially with the old man Tun M purportedly holding on to the puppet strings come March 2009. What a sad development for Malaysia.


Under Mahathir, Malaysia has lost its separation of powers between the executive, legislature, judiciary and media — to the point where corruption and abuse of power has seeped into all levels of Malaysian society. After 22 years of Mahathirism, UMNO has become so arrogant that they think they can say and do whatever they like — like locking up an innocent woman journalist under ISA for “her own protection”. How stupid do you think the Rakyat are? The racist Ahmad Ismail is another good example of UMNO’s arrogance championed by Mahathir himself. As long as Mahathir, Ahmad Ismail, and self-serving… Read more »


This what melayu bolih is all about oops Malaysia bolih.


That is a world record for sure. No matter how much he can promise to be fair, it is better to be seen fair .. and in this respect he is not. What a sensationally outrageous appointment


Who is going to clean up the judiciary? What was the ex-gratia payment about? PR exercise the rakyat paying for it?

Clean up of the judiciary? Not in this lifetime lah !