“You help me, I help you” turns to “see first”


One of the enduring moments of the Sibu by-election campaign was BN leader Najib Razak’s blatant vote-buying caught on video.

And after the poll result, The Star reports today on the carrot that Najib had dangled before voters:

On the RM5mil allocation for flood-mitigation projects in Rejang Park which he announced on Saturday, Najib said: “We will see first because we have not made any decision on that yet.” Full report here

Najib had promised to sign the cheque today (Monday) if the BN candidate won. So much for being a “people’s PM”.

And the Election Commission, which lost so much credibility over its handling of postal votes, has nothing to say.

Notice the part where he says “this is not a place for a prime minister to come”. So there are parts of the country which are not the place for a PM to visit? Which places are those – which the PM would only visit during by-election campaigns. And then it is okay to visit such places, not once but three times.

What a public relations disaster. But stripped of the public relations, Najib has only revealed his real attitude towards the rakyat, that they can be easily bought with RM3 million – oh, let’s make it RM5 million, see how generous I am (like it’s coming out of his own pocket).

Interesting to see Muhyiddin Yassin singing a different tune, reportedly pledging to fulfil all electoral promises (though he didn’t specifically mention flood mitigation). Maybe he is more politically savvy.

But do they really think they can solve Sibu’s flood problems permanently with just RM5 million – when the real cause is the logging upstream?

Oh, by the way, the score for by elections since 8 March 2008 now reads 8-3 in favour of Pakatan.

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u help me, i … you


Nat Tan was right Najib sounded like a traffic cop angling for a bribe. And he is the PM of Malaysia (unfortunately). This must be progress, BN style where everything is up for sale.


If I were a BN supporter in Sibu, I would have been happy BN lost. No way I’d condone what had gone on and not under my name ! But BN supporters have long gone past this stage haven’t they? They are now shameless AND bold.


can all malaysians team up engage a group of good lawyers to charge the …man who says you help me i help you ,you give me i give you. to the highest court and put him at the back of the bars cos he has breach the trust of the rakyat and committed corruption practise openly in front of his bosses -the rakyat.


“You help me, I help you” … is definitely not something from a Prime Minister.

Let us immortalise this phrase on the T-Shirt. This is better than the Malaysia True Asia tagline.


kekekeke.. u help me , I help u and afer the scre.
Let me see. Like that also can .

Caution- lovers dont wear this T-shirt. U tolong wa , wa toloung u. He means U TURN.


This is blatant vote buying in a buy-election. When will BN stop all these corrupt practices? Let the people’s court decide once and for all in the next GE. Vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Let Ibrahim and his Perkasa continue doing more damage to BN. Ibrahim can bring in the “Old Newspaper” to do the harm. The Chinese are not against the Malays. They will vote for PAS and PKR where the Malays are their members and supporters. In Kelantan, the Chinese will always vote for PAS. And PAS is almost 100% Malay. It’s UMNO that has members who have belittled… Read more »


It is blunt, blatant, insulting, disgusting and arrogant. Needless to say, it is illegal. It is our duty as voters to denounce and reject it. If anyone still voted for BN despite being aware of this speech, then that person has neglected his duty to Sibu, and to the country.


stupid deal

Cheng Poh Heng

I truly salute those voters in Sibu, who had voted wisely and not otherwise! Najib is just another RM-spouting PM. We, the people, are his bosses, so let us sack him for misusing our money for BN’s political cause. BN may be the ruling coalition but BN is not the Government of Malaysia. This is a fine distinction which BN has tried to blur and gloss over with the aphorism that BN is the Government and the Government is BN, another project of the BN Government. Has any contractor entered into a contract with the BN Government? If yes, the… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

He also helps people who have allegedly been “sodomised” (including consensual “sodomy”).

Malaysia’s most helpful Prime Minister ever!


When his father formed Felda, he was tracking in the jungle itself. Tunku Abdul Rahman used to make speeches in the poorest villages urging them to get an education and uplift themselves economically.

These prodigal children don’t even know they broke the law because no one one dares to tell the emperor he has no clothes. He does not even know his own demeanour is a turn off (Chinese: tau-yen or deserve to be hated). The man is a moron for all his pretention. Our very own George Bush Jr.


” You help me, I help you” turns to see first?

This is the effect. In this age, the Gods act just as fast, and I dedicate this song to all especially to my dear K.

Najib should believe, the karma is instant, and PR won Sibu!


Albert Goh

Hello gerakan K. wHY SO QUITE. got headache ????
Panadol is good. Come on la BN lost/

Gerakan K

OK, that chinese party has won by slim margin. I’m already cooled down a little bit. No need for panadol.

Let me give you some clue regarding to possible future exciting event:

THe rice-bowl of Malaysia gonna be kelam kabut. The Talibans there will announce something very soon. A kind of loser’s statement and pleading for re-match.


We are talking about Sibu, you are talking about rice-bowl pulak. Stick to the point, lah.

telur dua

What he meant was ‘If you vote Bob Lau, I’ll leave you peasants a few pennies.’

How’s this for ‘People first, performance now?’




Anymore by election coming our way? If not, put up picture of BN ADUNs and MPs. Place some joss sticks and pray for something to happen.


Aiyah, what’s wrong? Cannot complain if Najib does not sign the RM5m cheque since he DID state very clearly that it was a deal – deliver Robert Lau as Sibu MP and he will order the cheque to be prepared. So since BN lost, no money leh. Only he may have gone way too far now. Perhaps embolddened by no action being taken against him over his granting of big money left and right during the H.Selangor by-elections, he has repeated his stunts. But it came back to haunt him, big time. There were reports of Rajang park residents being… Read more »


Why don’t we put it this way: You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours.

Any right-minded conscience Rakyat don’t have to think twice about it to scratch like beggars…. In fact, as a Rakyat, one has every right to development for the betterment of his constituency. Not only during by elections. Not to be bargained like Cheapo in the Pasar Malam. The Rakyat are the boss who pay taxes, not the PM who is elected to serve the Rakyat.
And worst, we have a leader who is not forthright with promises, but rather sells like snake-oil medicineman to the gullibles.


Act 5 ELECTION OFFENCES ACT 1954 Incorporating all amendments up to 1 January 2006 http://www.agc.gov.my/agc/Akta/Vol.%201/Act%205.pdf Bribery 10. The following persons shall be deemed guilty of the offence of bribery: (a) every person who, before, during or after an election, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf, gives, lends, or agrees to give or lend, or offers, promises, or promises to procure or to endeavour to procure, any money or valuable consideration to or for any elector or voter, or to or for any person on behalf of any elector or voter or to or… Read more »


no wonder he needed APCO…..


Daci tipu raykat we all have to take this. BN full style of wining election is cheap for some but not all. MACC EC AG OR PDRM have been fixed with glue in their mouths and real glued……my goodness turn to madness BN boleh.

F Tew

A government manages the resources of the country.
The resources are owned by the people of the country.

When a government (THE MANAGER APPOINTED BY OWNER) uses the resources of the country to “seduce” the people (THE OWNER OF THE ASSETS) ,he is effectively using people’s own assets to lure PEOPLE into giving him (the manager) another term to sit in the manager’s seat.

This is real, real insult to the intelligence of the people of Malaysia. I cry for my country.


Imagine an employee telling his superior “You help me, I help you”. The employer will tell the employee to fly kite…

The people are the boss la! my dear Malaysia Prime Minister…


(the) deal with the Mongolian was far more pleasurable but fatal….

Mahathir the nut, Paklah the clown, and now we have an imbecile………what a trio???


What do you think if this video is shown in Parliment for debates ?

Deal on ?