WSJ stands by its report; Najib must explain


Meanwhile check out the Aliran media statement by P Ramakrishnan and another statement by the Aliran ExCo asking Najib to either take legal action against Sarawak Report and WSJ immediately or step down now.

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How can exposing a crime by The Edge or Sarawak Report be treated as committing a crime? Is M’sia governed by criminals? Silence is no longer an option & has becomes a moral crime in supporting the unjust oppressors. Nothing strengthens a unjust regime so much as silence. Peaceful reformations are not possible with civil disobedience & revolutions soon becoming inevitable. There is no greater tyranny in promoting injustice than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law in the name of justice. Where are the other 13 coalition members of BN? Speak out or be cursed for many… Read more »

gk ong


“This is a familiar story. A government investment scheme is launched with grandiose promises of moving up the value chain and other economic jargon. Then the asset stripping begins.

“If the project goes reasonably well, the ruling party has an accomplishment to point to, with the high costs conveniently forgotten.

“If it fails, public money bails it out in some form, with the state-owned oil monopoly Petronas the ultimate backstop,”


CNBC Interview on 1MDB, Wall Street Journal, Najib

Harimau Selatan

RPK is a … a sell-out.
Why still bother to read his articles?


The truth will definitely come out that Sarawak Report and WSJ are printing lies and deceit. Justo Xavier arrest has proven that documents have been tampered, doctored and fabricated. Its very clear cut. Bank Negara and Ambank can prove in an instant but Bank Negara and Ambank cannot simply divulge information on personal account without request or an order from the court. Najib will be taking action against WSJ soon. Once it has been done, and everything go to court, the truth on the account will come out whether are 700 millions or 2.4 billions

Phua Kai Lit

You swore personal allegiance to Der Fuhrer ??


Very likely that the Psy performance (during which Najib asked the crowd ‘Are you ready for BN?’ in Penang before GE13 was paid from the USD700 million fund(?)

YB Loh

On Saturday I went to the bank to pay my housing loan just like any typical Malaysian. I then banked RM1 into Najib’s account as per the number in WSJ. The deposit went through and the receipt clearly shows account is his. Try it yourself.

YB Loh

Go and do it yourself tomorrow morning at any AN Bank branch.

YB Loh

Go and do it yourself tomorrow morning so that you know it.


Anil, no need to do it yourself.
Simple. Ask sakpohlan for Naik Jeep’s Bazi reading & you may get to the destiny truth!
No questions asked. And save your 1 Ringgit for Bali Chui Kosong.


Anil, when you ask for the evidence by way of an image of the pay slip, what answer did you get. It is very clear cut lies. This is what is happening now with the opposition and saboteurs that is churning lies and deception out to sabotage the PM and country. That is the reason why I have always maintain the ISA should not be abolished. Najib made a big mistake in repealing the ISA.


Anil, a YB can also lie for whatever reason, don’t you know?
What a shame to wear such a title. It stands for Yang Bertipu.

Ed G

RM1 for him to buy kang kong? Just kidding.

Phua Kai Lit

Buy RM1 chicken.
Oops, sorry … price gone up because of inflation and introduction of GST.
Buy 1/2 a chicken.


RM1 is so devalued that it can only get you one chicken foot.

Phua Kai Lit

New “Nothing2Hide” session coming up soon?
Version 2.0

To be held in Pekan, since UMNO HQ has been deemed an unsafe location.


Najib: “Islam Itu Sederhana, Jangan Jadi Gay Atau Isis”

What about Islam on corruption, Mr PM?


Sad to see certain (people) cannot differentiate between a wombat and a pig. They should watch more Animal Planet!

Don Anamalai

Are we expecting another live session of SOAL JAWAP on TV3 for Najib to plead innocence?


Muhyiddin Yassin has called for allegations against his boss Najib Abdul Razak to be investigated! The house of (UMNO) cards is falling apart. Expect Liow and other irrelevant BN parties to stake their ignorance that they too didn’t know anything about this.

Don Anamalai

Although Muhyiddin has urged the authorities to investigate claims in WSJ report, TV3n its 8pm news last news has chosen to report that Muhyiddin is supporting Najib despite the allegation.

Meanwhile Shaberry Cheek said ‘tak masuk akal’ Najib to deposit the money to his own account.
Maybe Najib tried to earn interest? Hugh sum can net sizable interest in a single day, right?

Phua Kai Lit

Actually, it has been mentioned by psychiatrists and
clinical psychologists that people with certain
kinds of “personality disorders” have a tendency to
indulge in reckless actions (that can surprise normal people) i.e.
risk-taking behavior or impulsive behavior.

Habitual lying is also another sign.


A good time for muhyidin to do a (political) Brutus…?