Will Guan Eng attend the Tanjung Bunga coffee party?


Tanjung Bunga residents are holding another coffee party on Saturday from 4.00pm to 5.00pm, this time at Solok Tan Jit Seng behind the Tanjung Bunga Secondary School. The tea party aims to bring together residents who are concerned about dangerous hill-slope development.

The state assembly member for the area, Teh from the DAP, who seems to share the residents’ concern, has confirmed his attendance. The residents have also invited the Chief Minister and other elected reps from the area to the event.

They are hoping that the CM will turn up to show solidarity with them.

On several occasions, Guan Eng has taken commendably strong positions against developers of other projects in Penang.

On 14 May 2008, he reportedly visited the Gurney Plaze extension site and expressed dissatisfaction that the developer did not heed warnings by the local authorities not to conduct construction work beyond the permitted hours.

On 30 May 2008, he visited the Times Square site after the state government reportedly received complaints of cracks in houses along that road.

Now, the Tanjung Bunga residents are hoping that he will attend in solidarity with them and share their concern about the dangerous hill-slope property development projects in their area.

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The main problems we face is we are all selfish. When anything not concerning us we ignore. Like few years back when Gerakan was the state governrment we the residents affected by Rent Control Act, there were no support from others in fact we face criticisms instead of support. In the end and until now some are still homeless. Where is the mercy then?


I hope YAB Lim Guan Eng stay away from developers. Most of them I know of are rich and crooked businessmen. Business and Politic should be separated to maintain a clean government.

Businessman always give political funds and in return for favours. The same we should not expect too much donation from a poor leader.


The Gerakan has made a blunder in Penang for the past 18 years.

See what Lee Kuan Yew said of Penang – backward, backward and backward…

To those who opposed Pakatan govt, you think it is so easy to clear the mess casued by Koh, Teng and Chia.


Question to EC So what are you saying EC? We had been voting for the bunch of MCA and Gerakans all this while and they had no POWER to run things especially KTK? Even Municipal Councillors appointed by UMNO in Penang are more powerful than the ex CM from Gerakan and all the MCA and Gerakan elected assemblyman ? So, it is confirmed from EC’s statement that the KTK fella is just a puppet to his master UMNO. BTW, how sure are you local government elections will improve anything? You have voted so long for MCA and Gerakan puppets how… Read more »


Margeemar and Rocketman, talking about what happened in the past and bringing up the names of past politicians will not help. If you know how the system works, Municipal councillors are the ones who give development approvals not those politicians.

Municipal councillors are appointed as a political reward. It was the UMNO councillor who developers have to go through to get approval!

Now PR government is appointing their own party people as councillors because they see that the old system “works’ for them. It will take someone like Obama to make real change and bring back local government elections.


I have said this before. (1) ban future developments on the slopes (2) stop existing works (3) condemn existing (completed) projects on the slopes using the oft-mentiones safety grounds. You can’t compromise on safety after waht happened at Bukit Antarabangsa recently. The incident involved completed units too, so completed projects should fall under scrutiny for safety reasons as well. The residents will give you all the support you need, Mr. Lim ! Perhaps the residents should be signing petitions to this effect. Not for one or two of the above, but ALL THREE. Safety first! After all that is said… Read more »


agree with Margeemar about inviting (Gerakan leaders) for that matter. while all of you were busy trying to invite CM and asking hi what can be done, i’m pretty sure the … above are smiling and watching what CM is coming up with. the fact is, all these were result of thier work. 1st ask them how in the 1st place do they approve them. then ask them what are they going to do if they are still in power today and not let the PR govt pick up all the s*** that they left behind. I will be there… Read more »


Why no mention of that Sissy of a CM Without Power Koh Tsu Koon. This clown was and is the source of all problems affecting Penang today.


Tanjung Bunga residents will get tea and sympathy but no support from the CM.

Dalbinder Singh

CM may be busy (maybe excuse) , in the best interest of the corporate economy, i dont think CM Lim will come. Or he might just come, do some sandiwara and go back.


Yes, he should and must. Is he not the Chief Minister of Penang.
Giving his ears to the residents and appreciating their grievances are his moral duty and a people CM. Unlike previous govt, money comes before duty…that was the main reason why they were kick out!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

Is the party for members of Tg Bungah RA only or is it open to all residents of Tg Bungah?

If possible, I would like to attend to hear from the “horses’ mouths” what are the stringent restrictions on Class 3 and/or 4 hillslopes deverlopment if such developments are still considered possible.


Dear Chief Minister Lim, its time for you to show the peoples of Tanjung Bungah specifically and Penangites generally that you really meant business and will walk your talk and not only talk the talk.